Zetpil Nutritionals

Zetpil Nutritionals

Zetpil Nutritionals
Professional strength suppositories for improved health and well being.

Zetpil Nutritionals is the health care professional’s top choice for highly absorbed suppository forms of DMSA, Glutathione, Amino Acids, Iron, and more. This method offers an effective solution for individuals that suffer from poor and/or inadequate intestinal absorption, or for those that are in a deteriorated state of health. Products support the Prostate, Brain & Memory, Stress Reduction, Detoxification, and a variety of nutritional deficiencies. Zetpil suppositories provide support for Diabeties, Heart Disease, Cancer, and so many other debilating dieases.

Delivering nutritional supplements via the colon is a very efficient approach. Taking supplements orally exposes them to the hazards of hydrochloric stomach acid, digestive enzymes and other partially digested food that can destroy or denature the supplement before it can deliver its payload to the bloodstream. Administrating these same nutrient via IV is dangerious and expensive. However, introducing the supplement to the dense matrix of capillaries in the colon allows for very efficient absorption. ZETPIL is a new category of supplements designed as vitamin suppositories that really deliver.

Although the concept of using a rectal suppository might seem to be a unique method of delivery for nutrients, once you understand the science behind this approach, the safety, the efficiency of rectal delivery and the inherent commonsense of this approach will overcome any apprehension you may have to trying these products.

The key factor in making this method of delivery a realistic option was the Zetpil research team’s ability to make a public friendly all natural rectal suppository base that was comfortable, and non-irritating and highly effective in delivering nutrients, nutraceuticals and the highest potency herbals directly into the bloodstream. This monumental achievement required years of dedicated effort by the Zetpil team to overcome the many hurdles that had frustrated pharmacologist and the pharmaceutical community for many years. 

The end result was the use of a method of delivery that we guarantee will change your mind of what is possible, and deliver like no other product you have ever tried!