Yin Chao Junior

Yin Chao Junior

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Yin Chao Junior 1 oz | Health Concerns  
Dr. Fung's Cold Remedy for Children


  • Surface relieving / Exogenous wind invasion - colds, cough, flu (for children)*

  • Colds / Flu*

  • Children - Frequent Infections*

Therapeutic Actions

1. Treat colds, fever, cough, vomiting and diarrhea in children*
2. Revitalize the digestive system*
3. Strengthen the body's immune systems*
4. May be used for adults to soothe the lungs during viral or bronchial invasions*


Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Clear heat*
Harmonize the digestion*
Moisten the throat and lung*
Invigorate the blood*

Formula Rationale

This is an empirical formula based on Dr. Fung’s 60 years of clinical experience.*

This formula is a gentle yet effective remedy for addressing children’s colds.* It is a well-rounded combination that has a multi-pronged approach: to clear heat, harmonize the digestion, moisten the throat and lung, and to invigorate the blood and tonify the Qi.*

The chief herb forsythia (lian qiao) clears heat and toxin.* Morus leaf (sang ye) expels wind and clears heat from the lung.* Chrysanthemum (ju hua) disperses wind and clears heat, and is helpful in alleviating headache that accompanies colds.* Mentha (bo he) disperses wind-heat and clears the head and eyes and benefits the throat.* Herbs in the formula that address cough include peucedanum (qian hu), fritillaria (zhe bei mu), and eriobotrya (pi pa ye), with the latter also treating vomiting.* Pinellia (ban xia) is also for coughs, especially with copious sputum.* For digestive problems, Barley Shen-qu (shen qu) and immature aurantium (zhi shi) remove food stagnation; the latter also relieves constipation.* Trichosanthes peel (gua lou pi) moistens the lung.* Platycodon (jie geng) opens up and disseminates the lung qi and expels phlegm.* Gardenia (zhi zi) clears heat and eliminates irritability.* Eupatorium (pei lan) dispels heat and dampness.* Pu Er Tea (pu er cha) is a type of Chinese tea that has versatile effects; in this formula, it addresses food stagnation, relieves wind-phlegm, and drains heat.* Perilla leaf (zi su ye) releases the exterior and disperses cold.*


Clinical Notes

1. This formula is not as cold as other yin chao formulas
2. This formula can be taken by adults who can't swallow tablets

Yin Chao Junior 1oz | Health Concerns

Ingredients: Forsythia (Lian Qiao), Morus leaf (Sang Ye), Shen-chu (Shen Qu), Dendrobium (Shi Hu), Fritillaria (Zhe Bei Mu), Platycodon (Jie Geng), Eriobotrya (Pi Pa Ye), Microcos (Po Bu Ye), Pu Er Tea (Pu Er Cha), Trichosanthis peel (Gu Lu Pi), Pinellia (Ban Xia), Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua), Mentha (Bo He), Peucedanum (Qian Hu), Immature Aurantium (Zhi Shi), Gardenia (Zhi Zi), Eupatorium (Pei Lan), Perilla leaf (Zi Su Ye)

Internal: 1 to 3 full droppers, every 3 to 4 hours, added to juice or to boiling water to partially evaporate the alcohol
One Fluid ounce, 10 day supply
Four Fluid ounce, 40 day supply

Note: This formula is intended for children over 8 months or adults unable to swallow pills

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