Four minutes a day. That's all it takes.

You have a busy life. Why spend three to six hours of your week working out? You can reach your fitness goals in a few short minutes a day! The X-iser Machine is the key. Use it at home, at the office, on vacation. It's light, compact and portable.

The X-iser Machine uses Burst Training -- the hottest, most efficient fitness method available today. Athletes have known and used Burst Training for years. Now The X-iser Machine brings it to you in a sleek, easy-to-use package. It is the single most effective way to lose fat, increase performance and gain energy.

How does it work? The X-iser Machine's design causes great demand on the muscles and thus a need for more oxygen. When your body needs more oxygen than it's getting, an oxygen debt is created. Your body has to work hard to repay it. You get the results.

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