Warrior Genotype

Warrior Genotype Supplements

Nutritional supplements and herbs for the Warrior Genotype by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.

A primarily agrarian Epigenotype, it almost appears counterintuitive that Warriors have made some of the finest warriors in history. But then again, farming societies have traditionally made the best warrior cultures; they organize well and have tangible assets and loved ones to defend. However, we could have named this Epigenotype 'War Survivor' just as easily as 'Warrior.'

The most significant physical attribute of Warrior is that their shape is elongated. Warriors are 'egg-heads' in many ways, including the actual shape of their head. It's rather longer than it is wider, so that if you looked at them sideways you'd think their heads were large. The Warrior usually has both of these traits to some degree. Warriors are often tall and long legged and because of this, can carry a surprising amount of weight on their frames without looking obese. As they age, Warriors begin to see more and more flesh when they look in the mirror. The neck area becomes thickened, softer and less defined. Warriors with especially wide jaw angles may find their jaw lines gradually receding. BMI and waist-hip ratio rise steadily over time, especially if they have high fat and sugar diets and don't exercise.

The Warrior can also have problems controlling the thickness, of their blood. This is especially true of Warriors when they are under intense and prolonged stress. An unhappy trend in later life for many Warriors is a winding down of their bowel function. Stools become more compact, difficult to eliminate, and infrequent. Chronic constipation, cramps, gas and bloating can be caused by a weakening of the abdominal muscles, and the extra pressure they place on internal organs. Fortunately, these symptoms can be relieved with the right diet and exercise program.