VieLight Intranasal Light Therapy MIP 655-810

VieLight Intranasal Light Therapy MIP 655-810

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MIP 655-810
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VieLight Intranasal Light Therapy 810

The MIP 655-810 combo provides benefits to brain health and systemic wellness.

The dual functionality of the MIP provides two distinct benefits of your choice, simultaneously.

Through modern engineering, the MIP is lightweight, durable, and power-efficient without compromising on efficacy.

Wavelength Benefits
655nm Red (Laser) Improves immunity, oxygenation and reduces inflammation
810nm NIR Gentle brain stimulation


  • 10Hz Alpha | Relaxation and stress relief
  • 40Hz Gamma | Focus and energization


VieLight Intranasal Light Therapy 810

Recommended Usage:
Use daily in the evening (auto-timed for 25 minutes and hands-free) to maintain good health. However, users are encouraged to experiment to determine the routine that gives the best result for his/her mind and body. Users should not compensate missed daily treatments by doing more treatments in a day.

Use maximum of twice daily (with at least 6 hour break) in a health event.

Built to withstand drop tests and normal use; diode has a specified life of 30,000 hours. Known to survive the weight of a truck.

Our guarantees

We appreciate that the technology is unfamiliar and non-intuitive to many people unless considerable time is invested in researching it. Furthermore, human bodies are different and predisposed in different ways – and there would be some people who would be non-responsive. For this reason, we provide a 6 months, no-question-asked 80% refund if the product does not improve your condition.

We will also replace the product if there is any defect in the product itself, covered by a 12-month warranty.

Safety and Regulations
The devices have been tested for electrical safety and rendered safe. It consumes and generates less energy than most consumer electronic devices, and the energy cannot be felt by a normal person. They are compliant with the European CE requirements for safety. However, they have NOT been evaluated by any regulatory body, including the FDA and Health Canada. The company does not make any claim for long-term cures although the evidence shows that regular use may improve the user’s quality of life. All evidence have been based on actual available data with these devices and/or published evidence based on other tests based on similar parameters and scientific bases.


How To Use Your Intranasal Device

Detailed instructions on how to use your intranasal device.

How To Change Batteries:
Watch this video on how to change batteries in your intranasal device:

An Alternative Way To Open the Battery Cover:
1. Press down hard on the top of the cover, where it joins the top frame.

2. While pressing it down, slide out the cover.

Don’t worry about applying pressure: it won’t break.

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Based on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) information sheets for medical devices, low level laser therapy (LLLT) as well as normal light therapy devices are categorized as “non-significant risk” products.

After more than three decades of research there is no known major side effects attached to these light therapies.

Reported side effects for some first-time users include:

• Tiredness (temporary) – probably due to the release of metabolites but the majority report a resurgence of energy
• Headaches (temporary) – from the reactivation of neural connections and increased microcirculation
• Dry throat (temporary) – from the stimulation of renal functions
• Reactivation of repressed mental trauma – the reactivation of neural connections may trigger repressed traumatic memories to resurface.


Over 40 years of accumulated scientific studies on low level light therapy reveal no major contraindication. However, this therapy is not recommended for use in the presence of cancer tumor in the nasal area ( Nasal polyps on the other hand has responded positively).

Energy Safety Issues

Vielight 633 Red (formerly branded as “Qi-light”) has a non-laser based light source (incoherent light) with very low level intensity. The energy generated is lower than natural light. Its energy output of 8mW is 125 times lower than that of a small flash light with the typical power of 1 W.

Vielight 655 Prime or “RadiantLife LT” has a low intensity laser source that is powered to generate very low and safe energy output. Its energy output of under 5 mW is 200 times lower than that for a small flash light with the typical energy of 1W.

However pointing a laser light to the retina can cause tissue damage and scarring. The danger of this is mitigated by the fact that the 655/RadiantLife laser is not pure, collimated laser: the light is not completely coherent and has some built-in divergence of about 57 degrees. Human involuntary reflex would also cause immediate blinking when the laser light is pointed to the eye. Nevertheless precaution should still always be taken and it should not be handled by children without supervision.

Vielight 810 Infrared has a non-laser (incoherent light) with very low level intensity. The energy generated is lower than natural light. Its energy output of 10 mW is 100 times lower than that of a small flash light with the typical power of 1 W. Users should note that this light is invisible to the naked eye.


1. Tuner J and Horde L. The New Laser Therapy Handbook. Prima Books AB. 2010

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