Vaginitis ~ Feminine Care 1oz

Vaginitis ~ Feminine Care 1oz

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PRO V-Fem Care 1 fl oz formally Vaginitis ~ Feminine Care 1oz | Newton Homeopathic Remedies

Formulated for symptoms associated with vaginitis, leucorrhea, dyspareunia and other female-related conditions.*

According to the Materia Medica the following remedies in Vaginitis~Feminine Care may be administered for the following conditions:*
Agaricus muscarius:  Leucorrhea with much itching.*
Apis mellifica:  Edema of labia, relieved by cold water; Leucorrhea profuse, acrid, green.*
Arsenicum album: Dryness of vagina; Leucorrhea acrid, burning, offensive, thin; Itching, burning, swelling leucorrhea.*
Aurum metallicum:  Leucorrhea profuse and corroding, yellow, thick white, not offensive; Vaginismus (painful spasm of vagina during sexual activity).*
Berberis aquifolium: A remedy for the skin; Chronic catarrhal affections; Leucorrhea.*
Caladium seguinum: Pruritis vulva; Itching of vagina and vulva.*
Candida albicans:  Law of similars.*
Cantharis:  Constant discharge from uterus; Leucorrhea with sexual excitement causing severe itching and masturbation.*
Conium maculatum: Severe itching deep in vagina after mensus; Great sensitiveness of labia majora and minora.*
Graphites:  Vesicles or excoriations in vagina; Leucorrhea, in gushes, day and night; Dryness and coldness of vagina.*
Hamamelis virginiana:  Vagina very tender, sore; Leucorrhea is bloody with soreness of vagina.*
Helonias dioica:  Pruritis vulva; Foul, lumpy or curdled leucorrhea; Mucous surface of labia red, swollen, covered with a curdy deposit, like apthae.*
Hydrastis canadensis:  Coition very painful and almost constant desire; Tenacious, ropy, yellow leucorrhea; Offensive, pus-like discharge from vagina; Vagina sore during sex, bleeding afterwards; Thick, acrid, yellow, ropy leucorrhea.*
Kali carbonicum:  Leucorrhea with labor like pains causing itching and burning in pudendum (external genitals), better washing; Soreness of genitals during sex and during menses.*
Kreosotum:  Leucorrhea, yellow, acrid, odor of green corn, worse between periods; Corrosive itching within vulva; Swollen labia.*
Lycopodium clavatum:  Leucorrhea, acrid, periodical, milky, worse before full moon; Sex is painful.*
Mercurius vivus:  Leucorrhea thick white, with itching, worse urinating and washing, with cold water; Prolapse of uterus with vagina better from sex.*
Murex purpurea:  Symptoms of the female sexual organs are most prominent, and have been clinically verified; Vaginitis during pregnancy, feeling as if something were pressing on pelvis.*
Natrum muriaticum:  Aversion to sex which is painful from dryness of vagina.*
Nitricum acidum:  Leucorrhea brown, flesh colored, watery or stringy, stains yellow or leaves spots with black border; Stitches through vagina.*
Pulsatilla:  Affections in general of the female genital organs.*
Rhus toxicodendron:  Lochia with shooting upwards in vagina; Soreness of vagina after coitus; pain as from excoriating and shootings in vagina.*
Sepia: Affects the venous circulation especially in the female pelvic organs; Leucorrhea, yellow, greenish with much itching; Leucorrhea in place of mensus.*
Sulphur: Vagina and vulva burn; Sore feeling in vagina during sex; Inflammation of labia.*
Tarentula hispana: Dry, hot, raw, itching vulva and vagina, worse from scratching; Leucorrhea of clear, acrid, sticky lumps.*
Thuja occidentalis:  Venereal warts; Vaginismus; Rectovaginal fistula.*
Zincum metallicum: Tissues worn out faster than they are repaired; Leucorrhea of thick mucus (bloody mucus excoriating after mensus), sometimes preceded by pains in abdomen*

PRO V-Fem Care 1 fl oz formally Vaginitiss ~ Feminine Care 1oz | Newton Homeopathic Remedies

PRO Vaginitis ~ Feminine Care 1oz
(Formerly Vaginitis #44)

Homeopathic Remedy

Formulated for symptoms associated with vaginitis, leucorrhea, dyspareunia and other female-related conditions.

Directions: ORAL USE ONLY· SHAKE WELL. Ages 12 and up, take 6 drops orally (ages 6 to 11, give 3 drops) as needed or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Active Ingredients: Agoricus musc. 20x, Arsenicum alb. 20x, Aur. met. 20x, Berber. aqui. 20x, Caladium seguinum 2Ox, Candida albicans 20x, Canthoris 20x, Conium 20x, Graphites 2Ox, Helonias dioica 20x, Hydrastis 20x, Kali carb. 20x, Kreosotum 20x, lycopodium 20x, Merc. viv. 20x, Murex purpurea 20x, Nat. mur. 20x, Nitricum ac. 20x, Pulsatilla 20x, Rhus toxicodendron 20x, Sepia 20x, Sulphur 20x, Tarentula hispana 20x, Thuja occ. 20x, Zinc. met. 20x, Apis mel. 8x, Hamamelis 8x, Hydrastis 8x, Apis mel. 3x, Hamamelis 3x, Hydrastis 3x. Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane dispensing alcohol 20%.

Warning: Do not use if tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Consult a licensed healthcare professional if pregnant, nursing or if symptoms worsen or persist for more than a few days. Keep out of reach of children.

Dispensed by healthcare professionals only. Not for over-the-counter sale

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