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  • Allergy Testing 96 Foods
  • Allergy Testing 96 Foods + 16 inhallants
  • Allergy Testing 24 Herbs and Spices
  • Inhallant Allergy Testing

For a comprehensive look at the body's immune reaction to foods and inhalants, US BioTek Laboratories offers the following antibody assays:

IgE Antibody Assessment
IgG Antibody Assessment
IgA Antibody Assessment

IgG - Available for Whole Blood from Finger Stick


96 General Food

Dairy* Fruits Grains/Legumes/Nuts
Casein Apple Almond
Cheese, Cheddar Apricot Amaranth Flour
Cheese, Cottage Banana Barley
Cheese, Mozzarella Blueberry Bean, Kidney
Whey Cranberry Bean, Lima
Milk Grape, Red Bean, Pinto
Milk, Goat Grapefruit Bean, Soy
Yogurt Lemon Bean, String
* Bovine-derived Orange Buckwheat
unless specified Papaya Coconut
  Peach Corn
  Pear Filbert
Vegetables Pineapple Gliadin, Wheat
Asparagus Plum Gluten, Wheat
Avocado Raspberry, Red Lentil
Beet Strawberry Oat
Broccoli   Pea, Green
Cabbage, White   Peanut, Runner
Carrot Meat/Fowl Pecan
Cauliflower Beef Rice, White
Celery Chicken Rye
Cucumber Egg White, Chicken Sesame
Garlic Egg Yolk, Chicken Spelt
Lettuce Lamb Sunflower
Mushroom, Common Pork Walnut
Olive, Black Turkey Wheat, Whole
Onion, White    
Pepper, Green Bell    
Potato, Sweet Misc. Fish/Crustacea/Mollusk
Potato, White Cocoa Bean Clam, Manila
Pumpkin Coffee Bean Cod, Atlantic
Radish Honey Crab, Dungeness
Spinach, Green Sugar Cane Halibut
Squash, Zucchini Yeast, Baker's Lobster, American
Tomato, Red Yeast, Brewer's Oyster
    Red Snapper
    Salmon, Pacific
    Shrimp, Western
    Tuna, Yellowfin

You can add these 15 items to any test panels.

Vegetables Fruits Grains/Legumes/Nuts
Artichoke Cantaloupe Bean, Navy
Bean Sprout Cherry Cashew Nut
Eggplant Watermelon Flaxseed
Pepper, Chili   Kamut
    Pistachio Nut
    Rice, Brown


96 Vegetarian Food Panel

*The italicized foods represent the 16 vegetarian items unique to the Vegetarian Panel that may be ordered separately.

Dairy* Fruits Grains/Legumes/Nuts
Casein Apple Almond
Cheese, Cheddar Apricot Amaranth Flour
Cheese, Cottage Banana Barley
Cheese, Mozzarella Blueberry Bean, Kidney
Whey Cantaloupe Bean, Lima
Milk Cherry Bean, Navy
Milk, Goat Cranberry Bean, Pinto
Yogurt Grape, Red Bean, Soy
*Bovine-derived Grapefruit Bean, String
unless specified Lemon Buckwheat
  Orange Cashew Nut
  Papaya Coconut
Vegetables Peach Corn
Artichoke Pear Filbert
Asparagus Pineapple Flaxseed
Avocado Plum Gliadin, Wheat
Beet Raspberry, Red Gluten, Wheat
Bean Sprout Strawberry Kamut
Broccoli Watermelon Lentil
Cabbage, White   Millet
Carrot   Oat
Cauliflower Misc. Pea, Green
Celery Cocoa Bean Peanut, Runner
Cucumber Coffee Bean Pecan
Eggplant Egg White, Chicken Pistachio Nut
Garlic Egg Yolk, Chicken Quinoa
Lettuce Honey Rice, Brown
Mushroom, Common Sugar Cane Rice, White
Olive, Black Yeast, Baker's Rye
Onion, White Yeast, Brewer's Sesame
Pepper, Chili   Spelt
Pepper, Black   Sunflower
Pepper, Green Bell   Walnut
Potato, Sweet   Wheat, Whole
Potato, White    
Spinach, Green    
Squash, Zucchini    
Tomato, Red


96 Asian Food Panel

You can also Add 15 Vegetarian Items to this test panel.

Dairy* Fruits Grains/Legumes/Nuts
Casein Apple Almond
Milk Banana Bean, Kidney
Whey Cantaloupe Bean, Mung
Yogurt Cherry Bean, Red
  Coconut Bean, Soy
  Grape Cashew Nut
  Grapefruit Corn
  Guava Gluten, Wheat
* Bovine-derived Honeydew Job's Tears
unless specified Kiwi Oat
  Lemon Peanut, Runner
  Lian Woo Rice, White
Vegetables Mango Sesame
Asparagus Orange Sunflower
Bamboo Shoots Papaya Walnut, English
Bitter Gourd Peach  
Broccoli Pineapple  
Cabbage, White Strawberry Spices
Carrot Watermelon Curry
Cauliflower   Ginger
Celery   Mustard
Cucumber   Pepper, Black
Eggplant Meat/Fowl Pepper, Cayenne
Garlic Beef Vanilla
Kelp Chicken Woo-hsiang
Leek Duck  
Lettuce Egg, Whole  
Mushroom, Common Goose Fish/Crustacea/Mollusk 
Olive, Black Lamb Abalone
Onion, White Pork Clam, Manila
Pepper, Green Bell   Cod, Atlantic
Potato, Sweet   Crab, Dungeness
Potato, White Misc. Cuttlefish
Radish Cocoa Bean Lobster, American
Spinach, Green Coffee Bean Oyster
Spinach, Water   Honey Salmon, Pacific
Sponge, Vegetable Tea, Woo-long Sea Bass
Taro   Yeast, Baker's Sea Perch
Tomato, Red   Yeast, Brewer's Shrimp, Western
    Tuna, Yellowfin