Unlocking Formula

Unlocking Formula

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Unlocking Formula 90 tabs | Health Concerns

Damp Heat Dysmenorrhea Herbal Supplement*
90 Tablets*



  • Dysmenorrhea - Cold signs*

  • Endometriosis - Damp heat and blood stagnation*

  • Vaginal infection*

  • Vaginal yeast infections*

  • Menses, Irregular - Uterus blood stagnation with heat*

  • Menstrual clots - Heat*

  • Ovarian Cyst - Heat*

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease*

  • Prostatis, Acute - Damp heat*

  • Testicles Swollen*

  • Uterine Bleeding - Heat*

  • Uterine Fibroids - Heat*

  • Internal damp heat / Heart yin deficiency - cervical dysplasia, ovarian cysts, PID, endometriosis*

  • Cervical Dysplasia*

  • Dysmenorrhea - Heat signs*

  • Menstrual bleeding (excess) - Hot*

Therapeutic Actions*

1. Address menstrual pain with heat signs*
2. Endometriosis, painful ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, chronic PID, chronic abnormal vaginal discharge, and various stages of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (cervical dysplasia), with heat signs*


Chinese Therapeutic Effects*

Clear bound qi, stagnant qi and stasis of blood*
Clear heat and dampness in the lower jiao*


Formula Rationale*

Unlocking addresses a complex pattern that may have taken some years to develop. In this pattern, dysmenorrhea or other pathological conditions (see Therapeutic Actions) are the result of damp heat mutually wrestling and knotting with stagnant Qi and blood in the lower burner. Stress, iatrogenesis (diseases caused by medical intervention), poor diet, smoking and alcohol use, and exposure to sexually transmitted disease facilitate dampness and heat to become entangled with stagnant Qi and blood giving rise to a common syndrome pattern seen in American women*


Clinical Notes*

1. Some or all of the following signs and symptoms of this pattern may be present; premenstrual lower abdominal pain which worsens during the period itself, excessive malodorous vaginal discharge, vaginal pruritis, vaginitis, herpes genitalia or cystitis prior to the onset of menstruation. Low back, sacral or sciatic pain before or during the menses, foul smelling menstrual discharge or clotted, purplish blood, or blood resembling thick stewed purplish red jam may be present. The tongue may manifest as swollen and red with a greasy, yellow coating in the rear. The pulse may be wiry and rapid and possibly slippery, sodden or deep in one or more positions*
2. Excellent results have been reported with endometriosis*


Additional Formulas

• Heavenly Water or Woman’s Balance when symptoms of PMS are present*
• Channel Flow for acute menstrual cramps*
• Three Immortals for menopause*
• Nine Flavor Tea for kidney yin deficiency*
• Combine Unlocking with Bupleurum Entangled Qi for uterine fibroids and cysts with heat signs (2 tablets of each formula QID*


Unlocking Formula 90 tabs | Health Concerns

Ingredients: Patrinia (Bai Jiang Cao), Sargentodoxa (Da Xue Teng), Cyathula (Chuan Niu Xi), Melia (Chuan Lian Zi), Moutan (Mu Dan Pi), Red Peony (Chi Shao), Poria (Fu Ling), Fennel (Xiao Hui Xiang), Citrus seed (Ju He), Red Atractylodes (Cang Zhu), White Atractylodes (Bai Zhu), Phellodendron (Huang Bai), Cimicifuga (Sheng Ma)

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