UNDA Numbers

UNDA Numbers

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UNDA Numbers | Seroyal

Professional Grade Homeopathic drainage remedies.*

The UNDA numbered compounds are unique complex homeopathic remedies that allow the body to begin to deal with this accumulated toxicity.* The UNDA numbers were formulated in Europe in the early 1900s. The formulations are based on Chinese Medicine theory as well as homeopathic and Anthroposophic principles.*

Each cell in the body functions like an individual ecosystem.* The UNDA compounds are formulated with groups of plant remedies that have an affinity for certain organs.* The remedies were formulated to support the ecosystems of specific groups of cells (like liver or kidney cells) by bringing minerals to act within the enzymatic systems of the cells interior and membrane (the true “brain”of the cell).* There are no other remedies that act in this remarkable way to truly support the body’s attempts at self-healing.*

The UNDA compounds are unique in that they combine diluted forms of plants and minerals, which give them a dual action.* The plant part of the medicine (or remedy as we say in homeopathic terms) has an affinity for certain organ systems in the body.* For example, the plant Chelidonium majus has an affinity for the liver whereas the plant Cratageus oxycantha has an affinity for the heart and cardiovascular system.* The plants also possess unique characteristics in terms of the way they affect an organ or organ system.* For example some plants may have a stimulating action whereas others will calm or sedate an organ's function.*

The minerals in the compound have an affect on the way our cells carry out chemical reactions. Basically, every cell in our body is like a tiny, individual engine.* Engines process different reactions and then eliminate the waste products left over from their work.* Different metals enable the cells to carry out their functions.* When used in homeopathic dilutions this is an energetic stimulus.*

So the plants guide the remedy to the appropriate organ system, such as the  endocrine, cardiovascular or digestive sytems, and the minerals help change the way the cells are biochemically functioning.* These remedies are actually helping the body detoxify by helping all the individual cells work more efficiently, especially with regard to eliminating waste.* That is why drainage is called drainage.* The body is aided in the elimination of waste.*


UNDA Numbers are typicall used in groups of 3, one from each group. Each remedy set is typically used until they are complete, around 3 weeks.* At this time a re-evaluation is suggested before instituting a new remedy set after a 1 week break.*

Group 1 - Organ Remedies
Unda 1 - Liver-Kidney-Gallbladder Detox*
Unda 2 - Kidney Afflictions*
Unda 3 - Colitis, Liver & Intestinal Disorders*
Unda 4 - Stomach Conditions*
Unda 5 - Lung Disorders*
Unda 6 - Constipation, Colon*
Unda 7 - Urinary Tract & Cystitis*
Unda 8 - Cardiovascular, Heart Meridian*
Unda 9 - Nervous System*
Unda 10 - Female Reproductive System*
Unda 11 - Arthritic & Rheumatic Conditions*
Unda 12 - Skin Disorders*
Unda 13 - Hepato-digestive Overload*

Unda 14 - Chronic Lung Disorders*
Unda 15 - All Febrile & Infectious Conditions*
Unda 16 - Degenerative Glandular Disorders*
Unda 17 - Parasites & Skin Disorders*

Group 2 - Functional Remedies
Unda 18 - Spleen & Cellular Degeneration*
Unda 19 - Degenerative Lung Disorders*
Unda 20 - Degenerative Hepato-digestive Disorders*
Unda 21 - Degenerative Hormonal & Glandular Disorders*
Unda 22 - Nervousness & Hyperactivity*
Unda 23 - Lithiasis, Urinary Disorders*
Unda 24 - Neurovegetative Disorders*
Unda 25 - Cardiovascular Congestive Disorders of Central Polarity*
Unda 26 - Ulcerations of Throat & Mouth*
Unda 27 - Upper Respiratory Tract Disorders*
Unda 28 - Articular Rheumatism*
Unda 29 - Peri-articular Rheumatism*
Unda 30 - Insomnia, Overexertion*
Unda 31 - Digestive Ulcers, Gastritis*
Unda 32 - Spasmodic Bronchial Disorders & Cough*
Unda 33 - Arterial Disorders*
Unda 34 - Pancreatic Disorders*
Unda 35 - Asthmatic Disorders*
Unda 36 - Hemorrhoids*
Unda 37 - Inflammatory & Suppurative Conditions*
Unda 38 - Prostate & Bladder Disorders*
Unda 39 - Intestinal Parasitosis*
Unda 40 - Toxic Overload with Alopecia*
Unda 41 - Muscular Paralysis*
Unda 42 - Neuralgia, Sciatica*
Unda 43 - Upper Digestive Tract Disorders*
Unda 44 - Urinary Infections, Febrile Afflictions*
Unda 45 - Kidney Lithiasis & Inflammation*
Unda 46 - Digestive Spasms, Gastritis*
Unda 47 - Congestive & Cerebral Spasms*
Unda 48 - Cellular Degeneration, Female Sterility*
Unda 49 - Cutaneous Tumors, Warts*
Unda 50 - Colitis, Intestinal disorders*

Group 3 - Drainage Remedies
Unda 74 - Hemorrhoids, Portal Congestion*
Unda 76 - Impotency due to Nervous Exhaustion*
Unda 202 - Neurogenous Sclerosis*
Unda 203 - Blood Pressure Disorders*
Unda 210 - Anxiety, Hyperexcitability*
Unda 212 - Nervous Stimulant after Exhaustion*
Unda 219 - Spasms, Muscular Contractions*
Unda 220 - Asthma due to Nervous Disorders*
Unda 226 - Gallbladder-Kidney Insufficiency*
Unda 228 - Nervous Disorders due to Stress*
Unda 233 - Venous Circulatory Insufficiency*
Unda 240 - Decalcification, Bladder & Kidney*
Unda 243 - Hepatic Conditions*
Unda 245 - Uterus & Ovary Conditions*
Unda 248 - Cardiovascular Insufficiencies*
Unda 258 - Lithiasis, Hepatic Disorders*
Unda 270 - General Cutaneous Conditions*
Unda 273 - Thyroid & Throat Dysfunctions*
Unda 295 - Upper Digestive Tract Insufficiency*
Unda 312 - All Throat Conditions*
Unda 600 - Muscle Stiffness, Tendons & Ligaments*
Unda 700 - Ulcerations*
Unda 710 - Shingles, Sinusitis, Closed Cavity Infections*
Unda 1000 - Thyroid & Parathyroid Degeneration*
Unda 1001 - Nervous Exhaustion & Insomnia*

Instructions for UNDA Homeopathic Remedies |Seroyal
To be used under the guidance of a health care practitioner.

This product is non-returnable

Adult 5 drops 6 times daily
Child: 3 drops 6 times daily

Adult: 5 drops 3 times daily
Child: 3 drops 3 times daily

Child is 1 to 18 months. If you cannot get the remedy in the mouth you can put the remedy under the elbows, ankles or in the umbilicus.


  1. Usually gvien in sets of 3
  2. Take away from food.
  3. Take sequentially by number
  4. Hold in mouth 15-30 seconds, wait 10 seconds then take next remedy.
  5. Take 3 to 4 remedies per treatment
  6. Take remedy until you complete the bottle (Roughly 3 weeks.)
  7. Skip 1 week and begin new remedy cycle. (Based on Dr. recommendation.)
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