Ultimate Systemic Formulas Detox Program

Ultimate Systemic Formulas Detox Program

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Ultimate Systemic Formulas Detox Program

Here is the most safe and effective regimen for a 90-day detoxification program that works sequentially, deeper and deeper in the body while providing smooth removal of toxins, chemicals, and metabolic wastes though the body's innate processes.*

This program addresses the liver first, then the extra-cellular matrix, and finally the inner cells. It features:*

  1. Liver Support - When the liver's vitality is improved, it can better detoxify the body. The liver is carefully supported in all three phases of the Systemic Formulas detoxification program.*
  2. Neuroendocrine Support - Helps protect the pituitary and hypothalamus (the two glands that form the well-known HPA axis) during detoxification and helps avoid further hormone-receptor resistance and confusion.*
  3. Drainage Support - Additional support for the organs that serve as detox pathways - the liver, gall bladder, and kidneys. Additional home remedies and therapies help support this process, as well (e.g. ginger baths).*
  4. Cellular ATP Support - Detoxification utilizes significant amounts of ATP - the chemical energy of life. Specific supplements target helping the production of energy during the detox program.*
  5. Extra-cellular Matrix Support - Sequential focus on toxins that are stored in the adipose tissues and extra-cellular matrix. By first supporting the liver, then addressing the extra-cellular matrix, herx reactions are avoided. This entire detox program is gentle, yet thorough.*
  6. Cell Membrane Support - Antioxidants help protect the cell membranes from inflammatory toxins.*
  7. Inner Cell Methylation Support - Nutrition for the cell's innate detoxification and repair mechanisms.*
  8. Inner Cell Free Radical Protection - Nutrition to protect the mitochondrial and cellular DNA from damage including intermediate metabolites.*
  9. Inner Cell Intermediate Metabolite Support - Nutritional protection from ammonia and sulfur metabolites.*

Based on information from Dr. Jack Tips, N.D., Ph.D., C.Hom, C.C.N., author of The Healing Triad: Your Liver, Your Lifeline*


Three Layers or Levels of Toxins. There is a hierarchy of toxin-impact upon the human body. In the body’s design, a toxin would only impact superficially at Level One. If the toxin was not handled quickly at that level, it could be shunted to the LevelSystemic Formulas: Solutions Here & Now*


Two ‘holding tank” for future processing. The body never wants a toxic impact at Level Three, the cellular level, as that can result in cell death and aberrant function.*


• Level One is the blood, lymph, and organs. It’s superficial. Let’s say a person drinks a martini. The alcohol goes into the blood stream. It affects the blood, brain, hydration, and liver, and soon the liver detoxifies the alcohol and the body returns to its normal metabolism. In this example, the alcohol did not deposit toxins in the extracellular matrix or inside the cells.*


• Level Two is the Extracellular Matrix4 (ECM). Toxins can be stored in the ECM when the regular detoxification processes (liver, gall bladder, kidneys, lungs) cannot handle the workload. We assume that the body’s intent is to deal with the toxins at a more favorable time.*


Here in the ECM, toxins are stored inside adipose (fat) cells, and deposited in collagen. Once stored, toxins alter the tissue pH and ionizing potentials. This creates an environment for pathogens, and forms a biofilm or biomass—an aggregate of microorganisms, a slime barrier thatshieldsdangerous spirochetes, bacteria, fungus, and virus from the immune system. Doc Wheelwright taught that eating trans-fats with starch (as in donuts, potato chips), contributed to the “scum” that could develop in the ECM and form a breeding ground for candida and other pathogens.*


• Level Three is the Cell – its membrane, inner organelles, and RNA/DNA. This is the deepest impact of toxins and is the most dangerous because here toxins impact the inner sanctum— the individual’s life code (DNA), and the epigenetic determinations about how the body interacts with its code. When the cells become toxic, the organs and tissues cannot perform their larger life functions and inevitably disease and death are the result. In the last 150 years of the industrial revolution, there has been a shift in the quality of xenobiotic toxins. They are more insidious as they can bypass Levels One and Two and immediately impact the cell. Cyanide, mercury, radioactive particles, and pesticides/herbicides are examples.*


Thus there are three levels of impact. The body has an innate, centrifugal process where it protects the cells and vital organs and pushes toxins and disease to more superficial layers. This innate process was incorporated into Dr. Hering’s5 Laws of Cure. Let’s take, for example, one of the sacred cows of our culture – a dark-roast coffee – to understand how one substance can impact the body on all three levels.*


Coffee is of particular interest because it is the source of the homeopathic medicine, Coffea crudum, that impacts neurological, emotional, mental and circadian body processes, and is thus a deep-acting herb to which the human body has adapted specific detoxification pathways.*


Systemic Drainage Formula Guide

• Blood: REL (Chlorella), ACCELL

• Bowel: C (Colon), REL (Chlorella), ACCELL

• Gall Bladder: Lb (Liver/Gall Bladder), ACCELL

• Kidneys: Ks (Kidney-s), ACCELL

• Lungs: R (Lung), ACCELL

• Liver: Ls (Liver-s), ACX (Vit. Detox), ACCELL

• Lymph: SENG (Lymphogin), ACCELL


Qty ProductQty ProductQty Product

  1. 1 ACCELL
  2. 2 Ls
  3. 2 L
  4. 2 Lb
  5. 2 Ks 1D
  6. 1 C
  7. 1 ACX 1 Gb
  8. 1 #1
  9. 1 CLNZ
  10. 1 REL
  11. 1 EPIC
  12. 1 ROX
  13. 1 DV3
  14. 1 MoRS
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