Tremella & American Ginseng

Tremella & American Ginseng

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Tremella & American Ginseng 90/270 tabs | Health Concerns

Tremella & American Ginseng
Herbal Supplement



  • Dry lungs*

  • Menopause - Night Sweats*

  • Pneumonia*

  • Asthma - Lung yin deficiency heat*

  • Cough - Lung heat with yin deficiency*

  • Cough - Lung yin deficiency (dry cough)*

  • Cough - Smoker's cough*

  • Fatigue - Deficiency of lung yin*

  • Night Sweats - Yin deficiency and heat*

  • Pneumonia - Dry lungs and heat*

  • Bronchitis - Dry lungs*

Therapeutic Actions*

1. Use for treating such conditions involving dry cough: asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis*
2. Immune enhancement and regulation for chronic viral infections such as HIV disease, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) and herpes. This formula can be used as an alternative to Enhance when signs of yin deficiency heat are more pronounced.*
3. Use for fatigue, chronic nightsweats, afternoon and night fevers, hot palms, soles and chest, diarrhea, digestive disorders, inability to concentrate, swollen lymph nodes, chronic dry cough*


Chinese Therapeutic Effects*

Tonify yin*
Strengthen the marrow*
Tonify qi, blood, essence*
Strengthen the wei qi*
Clear heat and toxin*
Strengthen the spleen/stomach, lung, kidney*

Formula Rationale*

This formula was designed by Misha Cohen, OMD, L.Ac., based on her clinical experience and the experience of the Quan Yin Healing Arts Center in treating thousands of HIV patients. *

Tremella and American Ginseng is a formula specifically for individuals with chronic viral syndromes, such as HIV, chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), herpes, among others. This formula is used for signs of yin deficiency heat, the symptoms of which may include fatigue, digestive disorders, inability to concentrate, swollen lymph nodes, chronic dry cough, spontaneous sweating, and the like.*

The chief herb in the formula is tremella (bai mu er), which enriches the yin, moistens the lung, nourishes the stomach, and produces fluids. The deputy herb is American ginseng (xi yang shen), which benefits the lung yin, clears deficiency fire, and produces fluids. Individuals who have chronic viral infections generally present a pattern of yin deficiency and exuberant heat because such protracted conditions consume yin and fluids. Thus, these two herbs are aimed at relieving the deficiency heat pattern and at treating dry cough due to lung deficiency and lung heat, a primary symptom in these individuals.*

Astragalus (huang qi) tonifies the spleen and augments the protective Qi, and stabilizes the exterior; it is used for deficiency with spontaneous sweating. Schizandra (wu wei zi) addresses coughing/wheezing due to patterns of lung and kidney deficiency, and inhibits spontaneous sweating and generates fluids. Another major herb in this formula is raw rehmannia (sheng di huang) which clears heat and cools the blood, nourishes the yin and generates fluids, and cools the upward-blazing of heart fire. Lycium fruit (gou qi zi) is another important herb in that it nourishes and tonifies the liver and kidney yin, since many individuals with chronic viral conditions have yin deficiency of these two organs.*

Herbs in this formula that clear heat are lycium bark (di gu pi), isatis extract (ban lan gen and da qing ye), lonicera (jin yin hua), and viola (zi hua di ding); the latter three have been found through research to have antiviral effects as well. Ganoderma (ling zhi) is a general tonifying herb. Herbs that tonify the yin include ophiopogon (mai men dong), ephemerantha fimbriata (shi hu), ligustrum (nu zhen zi), glehnia (sha shen), and tortoise shell (from chinemys reevesii)(gui ban). Herbs that tonify the yang are cuscuta (tu si zi) and epimedium (yin yang huo), those that invigorate the blood are spatholobus (ji xue teng), tang kuei (dang gui), and curcuma (yu jin). Because of the number of tonifying herbs in the formula, citrus (chen pi) and cardamon (sha ren) are added to facilitate their digestion and absorption, and licorice gan cao) to harmonize the ingredients.*

Clinical Notes*

Tremella and American Ginseng is used as part of the Quan Yin treatment protocol. It should not be substituted for any prescription or experimental drugs, and should be taken under medical supervision. This formula is available only to licensed health care professionals*


Tremella & American Ginseng 90/270 tabs | Health Concerns

Ingredients: Tremella (Bai Mu Er), American Ginseng (Xi Yang Shen), Astragalus (Huang Qi), Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi), Raw Rehmannia (Sheng Di), Lycium fruit (Gou Qi Zi), Lycium bark (Di Gu Pi), Isatis extract (Ban Lan Gen/Da Qing Ye), Lonicera (Jin Yin Hua), Viola (Zi Hua Di Ding), Ganoderma (Ling Zhi Cao), Ophiopogon (Mai Men Dong), Cuscuta (Tu Si Zi), Dendrobium (Shi Hu), Milletia (Ji Xue Teng), Glehnia (Sha Shan), Tang-keui (Dang Gui), Tortoise shell (Gui Ban), Epimedium (Yin Yang Huo), Citrus (Chen Pi), Curcuma (Yu Jin), Licorice (Gan Cao), Cardamon (Sha Ren)

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