Total Monthly Nutrients

Total Monthly Nutrients

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Total Monthly Nutrients - Basic

  • Comprehensive
  • Professional quality
  • State-of-the-Art
  • Doctor Recommended

Meet your daily nutritional requirement by using the Total Monthly Nutrients as a comprehensive dietary supplement. The potent blend of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants aid to provide optimum digestive and GI support. Its professional-quality composition can be credited to primarily four nutritional supplements like intraMax, ProOmega-D, Total-Gest and HLC. Highly recommended by medicinal practitioners all over the world, these dietary supplements can treat food sensitivities and strengthen the digestive system by breaking down the food enzymes easily. The HLC High Potency makes them suitable during the treatment of acute dysbiosis too

What You Get

  1. intraMax, one of the best overall multi-nutrient supplements that we are aware of.
  2. ProOmega-D, a high potency, molecularly distilled fish oil with added vitamin D.
  3. Total-Gest, the best comprehensive digestive aid that we know of.
  4. HLC High Potency and a very high quality probiotic.

This is probably as good as it gets for a daily maintenance program without using a large number of bottles of exotic nutrients.


This is by far our favorite multiple formula. I take it myself and highly recommended it to all my patients.

intraMAX is a very powerful therapeutic product and takes the place of a host of separate vitamins and minerals. Excellent for those with environmental, chemical or food sensitivities.

  ProOmega-D 1000 mg 60 gels

High strength, super pure fish oil wit vitamin D. Provides a high concentration of health-promoting omega-3 fats with added natural vitamin D, both required nutrients

Total-Gest Digestive Enzymes 90 caps

A full-spectrum enzyme formula that may aid in digestion. Total-Gest is specifically formulated to provide the widest range of useful digestive enzymes to help break down foods, absorb nutrients and prevent maldigestion, gas, and bloating.

HLC High Potency Probiotics 60 caps

HLC High Potency should be used to follow HLC Intensive in the treatment of acute dysbiosis, and is also the first choice of product within the range for rectifying chronic dysbiosis. Containing 4 billion organisms, together with 250mg of FOS per capsule, a daily intake of 1-2 capsules provides the ideal dosage for the long-term administration, which is usually required for chronic dysbiosis.


We have include enough of each product for a one month supply.

Monthly auto-ship is available.

Total Monthly Nutrient Program - Basic

intraMax - superstar whole food multi-vitamin/mineral/antioxidant - 1 cap daily
Pro-Omega D - Omega 3 Fattay acids (fish oil) with vitamin D - 2 daily
HLC Maintenance - High Potency Probiotic - 2 daily
Total-Gest - Digestive Enzymes - 1 with each meal

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