Teacher Genotype

Teacher Genotype Supplements

Nutritional supplements and herbs for the Hunter Genotype by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.

Teacher Epigenotypes are very, very tough, sinewy folks. Although not often tall or excessively muscular, they can often do the work of two or three people, since they have a marvelous synchronicity between their kinetic, chemical energy and their electric, nervous energy. Lower leg length and upper leg length tend to be relatively balanced in the Teacher Epigenotype, but the trunk is usually longer than the total leg length.

Teacher tends to be small boned, with a smaller frame size, although this may not be true of Africans and Northern Europeans. Teachers are relatively well balanced when it comes to androgens and estrogens, but asymmetrical with regards to left and right medial planes: Their index and ring finger ratios  are usually asymmetrical as per left and right sides. Most Teachers are PROP 'tasters' or 'super tasters' and usually have an 'A antigen' blood type (blood types A1, A2, A1b, A2B).

Because of the inherent tolerance of the Teacher immune system, their digestive tract is often host to a wide and sometimes bizarre arrangement of microbial life. Normally this is not a problem, and may well even be a slight benefit; but the Teacher should always have a 'low overgrowth' component to their food selection strategies. In general most simple sugars and carbohydrates should be minimized, as their breakdown products will in short time produce an explosive microbial overgrowth in the lower intestines. The tolerant Teacher immune system can easily over-identify with the external world, lowering its defenses against microbes, harmful foods and aberrant cells.

Teachers tend to age well, and often reach significantly advanced years. But this doesn't happen always. The key for Teachers is to seek balance in everything - whether it be diet, work schedules, sleep-wake cycles, or methods of exercise