Honso TCMzone Formulas
TCMzone L.A. is a distributor of herbal formulas marketed to healthcare professionals. As a leader in the fields of herbal medicine, Many healthcare practitioners rely on TCMzone L.A.'s products and services to help their patients achieve a lifetime of good health

The quality of the TCMzone herbal formula is in full compliance with the standards of the United States and Japan. And every batch of the herbal formula comes with the product's Certificate of Analysis(COA) using cutting edge technologies such as Finger Print, GC-MS and HPLC.

TCMzone provides quality products to be sold to Licensed Healthcare Practitioners (Practitioner) only. Forrest Health Center does not sell TCMzone professional products to the general public without a thorough professional health consultation by a Practitioner who will be assisting on your health related matters. Forrest Health Center will grant access for online purchase only after a professional consultation is processed by a Practitioner. TCMzone further reiterates that any health or liability issues caused by unauthorized usage of TCMzone professional products shall be the sole responsibility of those unauthorized resellers.