Tanafem Plant Tanins for Vaginal Health - 1.7 oz

Tanafem Plant Tanins for Vaginal Health - 1.7 oz

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Tanafem Plant Tanins for Vaginal Health - 1.7 oz
Plant tannin for women that addresses bacterial and yeast imbalance (yeast infection) in the vagina and vaginal area. Safe, gentle, effective alternative to over-the-counter medication, and does not cause yeast/bacterial resistance. Available as douche powder with FDA approved, reusable applicator sold separately.(code#59V, applicator)*

What is in Tanafem® and how does it work?
Clinically tested, Tanafem® is an herbal vaginal douche powder made of condensed Zinc tannins buffered with Glycine. Like Tanalbit®, the tannins in Tanafem® bond to unwanted yeast/bacterial organisms. During the douching process, the tannin/yeast complex leaves the vaginal area with the spent douche solution. Tanafem® is one of the gentlest and effective alternative vaginal solutions available for vaginal  candida (yeast) and bacteria overgrowth.*

Tanafem® will only address infestations of the vaginal area, however, we have found that combining Tanalbit® with Tanafem® can help and may reduce the incidence of recurrent infections. This may be especially true if a gastrointestinal infestation of yeast is suspected.*

How is Tanafem® superior to other yeast/bacterial regimens for the vagina?
Tanafem® does not kill yeast/bacteria organisms and due to this fact, bacteria/yeast organisms do not build up a resistance to the Tanafem® product and Tanafem® can be used at a later time if symptoms reoccur.  Tanafem® is buffered to ensure compatibility with the unique and sensitive vaginal environment and as a consequence is significantly less irritating than OTC medication.*

Tanafem Powder (douche) 1.7 oz

Herbal Tannates 1000 mg
Glycine 100 mg
D-Mannose 20 mg
Zinc 4 mg

Suggested Use:
Dissolve 1 Scoop of tanafem powder in eight oz.  of lukewarm water.  Pour solution in a douche bag and apply it as a regular douch.  Use for 3 days.  If symptoms reappear repeat treatment.  Use once a month for continued protection.. 


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