Syntrion Immunometabolic Remedies

Our commitment is using cutting-edge tools and technology to produce natural, wholesome, homeopathic medicines that benefit everyone. We believe that modern science and natural healing go hand-in-hand.

We are a German, family-owned company, and remain true to our roots and to natural medicine. We started small and continue to grow. For nearly ten years, we have been dedicated to exploring and harnessing the amazing healing powers of something so small that we can’t even see it with our naked eyes: microorganisms.

The difference: What we do
Our products are not chemical-based, hormone-based, or plant-based. Instead, Syntrion products are based on 100% natural extracts made of the metabolic extracts of microorganisms. Using microorganism extracts to create gentle, yet powerful and fast-acting remedies is a revolution in natural healing.

We are proud to be the first company to systematically explore this exciting new field of medicine. Here at Syntrion, we have taken a leading, innovative role, and have demonstrated breakthrough capabilities in the science of using microbial extracts to activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Products are available to our patients or if you have a note from your doctor.   Contact Us