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SuperMeal Drink

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Super-Meal Nutrition Drink - The true breakfast of champions. The Super-Meal Nutrition Drink, using the absolute best quality ingredients, gives superb nutritional support to the body. It tastes good, is low in calories and has the desired protein needed to maintain blood sugar. It uses uses the absolute best products from the best companies.*

It tastes good, is low in calories and has the desired protein needed to maintain blood sugar. All in all it is truly an excellent meal in a glass. After years of extensive personal use Dr. Forrest is now making this drink available to his patients.*

  It is my personal breakfast and has been for years.*

The Super-Meal Drink is used for super-nutrition in a great tasting drink. Use any time of day. Many use this as an exquisite breakfast.*

Making the Super-Meal Drink Mix*
For ease of use, mix all bottles together as listed. This is enough for a total of about 40 drinks.*

1/2    Bottle    Whey Cool Protein*
1/2    Bottle    Phosphatidyl Choline*
1/2    Bottle    Paleo/Nano Greens*
1/2    Bottle    Paleo Fiber
- plain*
1/2    Bottle    Probiotic Synergy*

When making the drink, mix 1/3 cup of this mixture 8 ounces of fluid and blend.*
The fluid can be water, plain soy milk, organic milk, almond milk, sesame milk or plain kefir.*

You may use this drink as often as you like. Use as a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner. Use it more than once per day if you like. Its exquisite nutrition properties make it ideal for long term meal replacement to loose weight, detoxify or to simply your life for awhile.*


Super-Meal Nutrition Drink

SuperMeal Nutrition Drink Contents

  • Whey Cool Protein
  • PaleoFiber - plain
  • Phosphatidyl Choline  
  • Paleo or Nano Greens
  • Probiotic Synergy
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