Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella USA: Nature’s Perfect Superfood®

A Clear Path to Better Nutrition
with Sun Chlorella Products

It’s known as Nature’s Perfect Superfood® because it contains the widest range of essential nutrients available in any single food source, including potassium.

Would you rather buy Sun Chlorella products, spend less than $2 and eat a mere 15 calories of Nature’s Perfect Superfood®?

Benefits of Chlorella

Sun Chlorella helps support your body’s natural detoxification process.

Chemicals found in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe go through a process of detoxification in our bodies, and are then excreted through our stool, urine, and sweat. Sun Chlorella helps to naturally support this detofixication process.

Sun Chlorella as a Whole Food Supplement

Sun Chlorella is sometimes referred to as Nature’s Perfect Superfood® because it is one of the few whole food sources available. A whole food is a food that undergoes minimal to no processing or refinement prior to being consumed. A great example of a whole food is bean sprouts as both the roots and the seed are consumed. Chlorella is classified as a nutrient-rich whole food since it is a single celled organism that is consumed in its entirety