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Stomach Tabs 90 caps | Health Concerns

Magnolia & Ginger Herbal Supplement*
Modified Ping Wei San**



  • Nausea, vomiting*

  • Indigestion - Cold*

  • Gastritis, Bloating*

  • Phlegm*

  • Stomach ache, indigestion*

  • Abdominal Distension - Stomach stagnation of Qi and phlegm*

  • Abdominal Pain - Stomach stagnation of Qi, phlegm and cold*

  • Appetite, Poor - Stomach phlegm and damp, cold*

  • Dizziness - Stomach phlegm*

  • Epigastric Distension - Stomach phlegm and damp*

  • Food Stagnation - With phlegm, damp cold*

  • Infertility - Phlegm and dampness*

  • Motion sickness*

  • Nausea - Stomach phlegm and damp*

  • Plum-Pit Sensation in Throat*

  • Ulcer, Stomach - Cold*

  • Promote digestion / Relieve congestion at the center - chronic gastritis*

Therapeutic Actions*

  1. Improve digestion, rids flatulence, relieves abdominal bloating, soothes acute and chronic gastritis as well as gastric and duodenal ulcer*
  2. Treat a wide range of chronic digestive disturbances relieves inflammation, helps eliminate food allergies, and improves absorption of nutrients*
  3. Can be used symptomatically for motion sickness*


Chinese Therapeutic Effects*

Disperse stagnant qi*
Resolve spleen dampness*
Dispel food stagnation*
Resolve stomach phlegm*
Slightly warming*


Formula Rationale*

Stomach Tabs is a modification of Ping Wei San (Magnolia and Ginger Formula) a 900 year-old formula to improve stomach functions, relieves stomach ache and abdominal bloating with cold signs. Research at Nan Kai Hospital in China specializing in abdominal disorders indicated that adding bupleurum (chai hu) and pinellia (ban xia) would enhance the formula’s ability to relieve inflammation of the upper GI tract and reduce stress-induced stomach pain.*


Clinical Notes*

1. Stomach Tabs can be useful for abdominal bloating and indigestion caused by overeating*
2. Useful for GI irritation from overeating, eating too quickly, erratic eating patterns, poor food combinations*
3. Useful for GI inflammation from stress, nervousness, anxiety, and pent-up emotions with chronic contracture of the GI musculature*
4. Consider in the treatment of obesity*


Additional Formulas*

• For indigestion from overeating and for intestinal flu with diarrhea or when there are no cold signs, use Quiet Digestion or Chzyme*
• For GI inflammation from excessive use of irritating substances alcohol, caffeine, and certain spices consider Quiet Digestion and/or Isatis Cooling, especially with heat signs*


Stomach Tabs 90 caps | Health Concerns

Ingredients: Magnolia bark (Hou Po), Citrus (Chin Pi), Pinellia (Ban Xia), Red Atractylodes (Cang Zhu), Ginger (Gan Jiang), Licorice (Gan Cao), Bupleurum (Chai Hu), Oryza (Gu Ya)

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