Soluna Rhythm Therapy Kit

Soluna Rhythm Therapy Kit

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Soluna Rhythm Therapy Kit - 30 Day Program

Soluna products are no longer available in the US. We have switched to our favorite Homeopathics, Pekana.

Combination of Nr. 2 Aquavit, Nr. 4 Cerebretik, and Nr. 17 Sanguisol *

» For restoration of proper circadian and cellular bio-rhythms*
» Supports normal waking energy*
» Promotes healthy sleep patterns and optimal rest*
» Combats tiredness during the day*

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Soluna Rhythm Therapy Kit is a combination of three Soluna medicines – Nr. 2 Aquavit (for fatigue and difficulty waking), Nr. 4 Cerebretik (for support of the central nervous system and difficulty falling asleep), and Nr. 17 Sanguisol (for support of circulatory health and exhaustion). When used together, the active stimulating and calming principles of the remedies act to re-establish proper cellular rhythm (depolarization and repolarization) and the body’s circadian rhythm*

Soluna Spagyric Medicines from Innovative Medicine on Vimeo.


About Your Soluna Detox Kit*

• European Biological Medicines *

3 specialized natural medicines with spagyric elements*
- spagyric is a medical modality that combines homeopathy, herbology, & pharmacology into an enhanced *

and purified medicine *

• FDA Registered as Homeopathic Oral Medicines *

Dispensed only through licensed health care professionals *

  • Offers perfect unity of science and nature *

  • Completely natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients *

  • Safe and gentle *

  • Multi-functional, bioavailable, concentrated, and non-toxic formulas *

Manufactured in Germany by Laboratorium Soluna, GmbH*

Donauwörth, Germany (outside of Munich)*
- produced in strict adherence to German Homeopathic Pharmacopeia requirements *

Medical Line Developed in 1921 *

40 years of research & development - based on the teachings of Paracelsus*

Soluna Rhythm Therapy Kit - 30 Day Program

Nr. 2 Aquavit: Angelica atropurpurea 3X, Anise stellatum 4X, Carvi 4X, Centauri 4X, Cinchona 4X, Cinnamomum cassia 4X, Cola 4X, Coriandri 4X, Cubebae 4X, Galangae 3X, Hypericum 3X, Hyssopi 4X, Imperarieae 3X, Juniperus 3X, Lavendula 3X, Majorana 3X, Myristica 4X, Origanum 4X, Piperis 4X, Rosmarinus 3X, Melissa 3X, Salvia 3X, Zingiber 4X, Aurum 2X, Alcohol 50.6%
Nr. 4 Cerebretik: Argentum metallicum 2x, Argentum citrate 8x, Nicotinum 4x, Alcohol 50.6% Alcohol 50.6%
Nr. 17 Sanguisol: Guaiacum officinalis 1x, Juglans cinerea 2x, Santalum 1x, Sarsaparilla 2x, Thuja occidentalis 2x, Alcohol 62.9%

* All ingredients spagyrically prepared making them highly concentrated, bioavailable and non-toxic.

Plants + Herbs Used
The following medicinal plants and herbs were hand-picked at certain times of the day where energetic qualities are greatest. No machines were used in the harvesting and cultivation of these natural ingredients. Plants + Herbs come from the Soluna Medicinal Gardens in Averara, Italy (Italian Alps).

• Nr. 2 Aquavit: Angelica Root, Anise Seed, Chincona Bark, Kola Nut, Marjoram Herb, Galanga Root, Ginger Rootstock, St. John’s Wort, Coriander Fruit, Cebub Fruit, Hyssop Herb, Cumin, Lavender, Masterwort, Melissa Leaves, Nutmeg, Pepper Fruits, Rosemary Leaves, Sage Leaves, Centaury, Juniper Berries, Cinnamon Bark
• Nr. 4 Cerebretik: Silver (colloidal), Silver citrate, Tobacco leaves
• Nr. 17 Sanguisol: Motherwort, St. John’s Wort, Melissa Leaves, Rose Blossom Petals, Rosemary Leaves, Hawthorn Leaves, Burnet, Saffron

Recommended Dosage:
Nr. 2 Aquavit: 5-10 drops, 2 times daily, in AM and before noon.
Nr. 4 Cerebretik: 4-10 drops, 2 times daily, in PM and before bed.
Nr. 17 Sanguisol: 5-10 drops, 2 times daily, in AM and before noon.

Note – Soluna medications should be taken separately from each other, in either a small amount of water or directly into the mouth


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