Soluna spagyric Homeopathic Remedies
In the spagyric from Alexander von Bernus, the different medicinal herbs are extracted according to specific recipes in order to obtain the active ingredients of the herbs (physical level). Depending upon the herbs found in a particular composition, analogue, spagyrically prepared metals and minerals (for example gold, silver, antimony), are added to the mixture. In this way, the specific effects of the medicinal herbs are supported (information level).

The distillate obtained by distilling the plant residue contains the “spiritual” or, in other words, the complete information found in the medicinal herb. The same distillate becomes the basis for a fresh batch of the same Solunate. This procedure assures that the information, or the “spirit” obtained from the previous production process is not lost, but instead is increasingly actualised and passed on.

The Solunates have a powerful effect on the human organism without causing side effects. They are therefore compatible and can be optimally combined with other natural healing methods as well as with allopathic medicines (chemical pharmaceuticals).

Soluna products are available to our patients or if you have a note from your doctor.

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