Solidago No. 5 100 ml

Solidago No. 5  100 ml
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Solidago No. 5  100 ml | Marco Pharma 

This formula aids chronic bladder and kidney conditions. It stimulates diuresis and excretion of matter usually eliminated with urine; stops cramps of the urinary passages; and protects the epithelium coating and prevents the formation of concrements.*

Urethritis, cystitis, pyelitis, urine retention, also with prostate involvement. To be given in all acute or chronic kidney affections.*

Stimulates diuresis and excretion of matter usually eliminated with urine, stops cramps and burning of urinary passages, anti-inflammatory, protects the epithelium and prevents the formation of solid particles or stones*

Solidago No. 5  100 ml | Marco Pharma

Solidago virgaurea 1x Regional pain in kidneys and bladder
Herniaria glabra 1x Burning in the urethra, frequent urination.
Uva-ursi 1x Cystitis and discharge.
Pareira brava 3x Renal colic, prostatic affections and
catarrh of the bladder, constant urging.
Sabal serrulata 1x Irritation of the genito-urinary organs, enuresis, prostatic hypertrophy.
Populus tremuloides 2x Pain behind the pubis at the end of
urination, urine contains mucus and pus
Staphysagria 3x Pressure upon bladder, feels as if it did not empty, burning in urethra during
Cantharis 4x Nephritis with bloody urine, constant
desire to urinate.
Terebinthina 6x Urethritis, inflamed kidneys following any acute disease.
Borax 8x Urine with pungent smell, albuminuria.

Adults: 40 drops in 8 ounces of pure water three times daily
between meals.
For severe symptoms, 40 drops four to five times daily
(use bottled or filtered water, not distilled).
After improvement, reduce to three times daily.
Can also be added to tepid HORSETAIL TEA.
Children: ½ or less of the adult amount.

SOLIDAGO No. 5 is a fast-acting remedy particularly for urethritis (burning dur-ing urination). In a state of acute inflammation, administer SOLIDAGO No. 5 in conjunction with high amounts of MARCOZYME™ between meals (5 tablets every two hours until improvement is felt). Excellent results can be expected. All kidney remedies should be taken with plenty of pure water.
HORSETAIL TEA, SOLIDAGO No. 5 and BUCCO No. 25 can be administered together and are especially helpful during any chelation therapy

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