Sleep Aids

Insomnia and other sleep disorders is a common malady affecting millions of people. It can take many forms, such as the inability to fall asleep easily; inability to remain asleep; and inability to get back to sleep once awakened.

Like so many conditions, insomnia can have many causes including physical, mental and spiritual. Among the most common are:

  1. Stress and Anxiety
  2. Serotinin Deficiency
  3. Melatonin Deficiency
  4. Over production of adrenal stress hormones
  5. Over production of excitatory neurotransmitters

Solutions - Nutritional
Many times insomnia and other sleep disorders are related to deficiencies and imbalances in brain neurochemistry. Fortunately there are often solutions to these issues.

The situation usually involves a serotonin deficiency. With this there may also be a melatonin deficiency and sometimes an over stimulation of adrenal stress hormones.

We offer a variety of products to address this situation. We recommend:

Melatonin Nano Plex - Live Source Nanized Melatonin - STAFF FAVORITE
5HTP Supreme from Designs For Health - Raises serotonin levels.
Calm PRT - Highly effective. Helps relax over excited adrenal hormones.
EndoPlus Spray - liposomal oral spray containing theanine and 5-HTP.

Like so many situations you may need to experiment to find just the right solution for yourself.