Six Gentlemen

Six Gentlemen

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Six Gentlemen 90/270 tabs | Health Concerns
Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Formula *


  • Fibromyalgia - Spleen deficiency*

  • Nausea, vomiting*

  • Diverticulitis*

  • Flatulence - Spleen qi deficiency*

  • Leukorrhea - Deficiency of spleen qi*

  • Limbs, Aching*

  • Nausea - Deficiency of spleen qi*

  • Post-Surgery Fatigue*

  • Stools, Erratic - Spleen qi deficiency*

  • Promote digestion / Relieve congestion at the center - digestive disorders due to spleen dampness*

  • Tonic formula - Tonify Qi*

  • Qi tonic*

  • Abdominal Distension - Spleen qi deficiency*

  • Diarrhea - Spleen deficiency*

  • Digestion, Poor - Spleen deficiency*

  • Appetite - Lack of*

  • Weak limbs*

Therapeutic Actions*

1. Address fatigue, weakness of the limbs, loss of appetite, gas and bloating after meals*
2. Resolve nausea and vomiting caused by dampness affecting the spleen/stomach*
3. Treat phlegm accumulated due to spleen qi deficiency*


Chinese Therapeutic Effects*

Tonify qi *
Harmonize the spleen and stomach*
Strengthen the spleen*
Transform phlegm*


Formula Rationale*

This is the classic Chinese formula that treats deficiency of spleen Qi. Its basis is four herbs (the Four Gentlemen) which tonify the Qi of both the spleen and lung. Codonopsis (dang shen)and white atractylodes (bai zhu) combined tonify the spleen qi, lung qi, dry dampness, and facilitate the transporting function of the spleen. Poria (fu ling) leaches out dampness. Baked licorice (zhi gan cao) tonifies the spleen while harmonizing the middle burner (stomach/spleen). Two additional herbs address phlegm: pinellia (ban xia) and citrus (chen pi) are drying and are able to transform phlegm. Since the formula tends to be cloying, vladimiria souliei (mu xiang)and cardamon (sha ren) have been added to disperse stagnation in the stomach, facilitating the absorption of the formula.*


Clinical Notes*

1. This formula addresses a wide range of complaints. The key to its proper use lies in identifying deficiency syndromes of the spleen and lung, i.e., qi deficiency. Since the spleen's function in Chinese medicine is to transport dampness, the formula is effective not only as a digestive tonic, but also treats fatigue, tired limbs, and low energy*
2. Phlegm is a frequent problem in cases of spleen qi deficiency. Six Gentlemen functions to dry the spleen and thus transform phlegm. It is helpful in cases when phlegm turbidity manifests through the lung and its related orifice, the nose. The formula is warming and is thus appropriate for deficient cold type conditions. Yellow or green phlegm indicates heat, a presentation that is NOT appropriate for this formula*


Additional Formulas*

• Quiet Digestion for acute abdominal upset and to disperse food stagnation*
• Clear Air for cough with yellow/green phlegm*
• Clear Phlegm (Wen Dan Tang) for copious phlegm*
• Nasal Tabs 2 for sinus congestion with thick phlegm*
• Astra 8 for severe fatigue and to strongly tonify the lungs*
• Astra Isatis for anti viral and immune enhancement*
• Stomach Tabs for spleen dampness and cold*

Six Gentlemen 90/270 tabs | Health Concerns

Ingredients: Codonopsis (Dang Shen), Atractylodes (Bai Zhu), Poria (Fu Ling), Baked Licorice (Zhi Gan Cao), Citrus (Chen Pi), Pinellia (Ban Xia), Saussurea (Mu Xiang), Cardamon (Sha Ren)

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