Shilajit - Premium 120 vcaps

Shilajit - Premium 120 vcaps

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Shilajit - Premium 120 vcaps - Certified Organic | Tattva's Herbs


  • Shilajit promotes healthy immune system & fatigue response*
  • Shilajit maintains healthy recovery time in muscle, bone and nerves*
  • Acts as a catalyst to increase potency of other supplements*
  • Shilajit helps to alleviate the discomfort of back pain*
  • The choice of Olympic athletes around the world*
  • Standardized to contain a minimum of 15% Fulvic Acid and 10% Humic Acid. Contains over 70 other minerals.*
  • Each Veggie Cap contains 300 mg. of Shilajit Moomiyo extract.*
  • Sourced from the Altai Mountain Region in Asia - the most pristine and potent source of Shilajit Moomiyo*



Indications: Tattva's Herbs is pleased to present the most potent and pure Shilajit Moomiyo available anywhere. Used by Russian olympic athletes and cosmonauts for over four decades to enhance physical and mental performance. True Shilajit Moomiyo is rare and difficult to find. Shilajit is known to promote vitality and core strength. It is known for its rejuvanative properties, and is known to promote healthy recovery time and muscle strength. Please take a minute to read about the history and power of this incredible product.*

Shilajit-A Brief History: Little was known about this high mountain herb/mineral compound until the early 1990's when Russian scientists brought it to the western world. Russian Black Anabolic or mumie (pronounced Moomiyo) is a potent adaptagenic herbal complex. It has been used by the Russian military and sports establishment for nearly four decades supposedly for increasing strength and muscle mass as well as for its recuperative powers. In studies conducted at various universities in Russia, Moomiyo was found to improve workload (weight x repetition) by as much as 15-27% and improve recovery time. The people of the Tajikistan area of Russia routinely use Moomiyo in their foods. Their life spans are above the world average. Russian scientists can only attribute this to their daily consumption of Moomiyo.*

Their life spans are 10 -15 years above the world average. It is a remarkable and very rare Himalayan herbal and mineral complex with fantastic stimulating effects on the body growth.  Health organizations aren't the only groups interested in Moomiyo. In Russia and many of the former USSR republics, Moomiyo is considered a strategic material and is used extensively as a performance enhancer within the Special Forces (Spetnaz, and other elite fighting groups). Moomiyo plays one of the leading roles in the restoration programs of the national and Olympic-level athletes. In the last three decades Moomiyo also found its niche in the National Bureau of Cosmonauts for its impeccable reputation as an agent that facilitates strong immune system, sound health and fast recovery to the astronauts during and after long space journeys.To locate the origins of Moomiyo, one would have to go back at least 2500 years to the time of the ancient Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle. He proposed and accurately described the first procedures for the use of Moomiyo and its preparation in grape juice, honey and milk. *

Glorious emperors of the past like Alexander the Great, Tamerlane, Chinghiz Khan added Moomiyo to the ration of their Generals, personal guard and special units. Compound was always a mystery. A mystery that yielded unprecedented results praised and honored by the Emperors, Sultans and Kings at all times. Only the richest of the nobles could afford it. The most recent survey of the practical applications of Moomiyo comes from Moscow through the efforts of Dr's A.A. Altamyshev and B.K. Kortshubelkov and supported by the Russian Committee of Cosmonautics. To date, several hundreds of research investigations have been conducted on Moomiyo. It has a strong ability to stimulate the body's immune system. Moomiyo helps white blood cells called macrophages work better and faster. The macrophages job is to destroy and digest foreign material. This means that when strengthened with Moomiyo, white blood cells can ingest more bacteria, microbes and other alien cells. Scientists also discovered that Moomiyo increases the production of Interleukin (IL-1), a protein that is released by the macrophages. *

Interleukin has important immune enhancing properties. IL-1 alerts the resting white blood cells when necessitated by the threats to the organism and spurs them into action. An important effect is the increase in the number of T-cells, the soldiers of the immune system. In sport, Moomiyo is prized for its significant tonic and growth-promoting effect on both physical and mental processes. A budget of almost 6.5 million dollars was allocated by the Soviet government to the USSR National Sport Committee for research and application of Moomiyo in sports during the preparation of athletes for the 1988 Olympic Games in Moscow. Brief analysis of the region where Moomiyo is coming from is astonishing. Thousands of diverse plant species and herbs are found in isolate areas of Central Asia that. The region is home to over 6500 different plants, over half of which are not found anywhere else on Earth. It is this great variety of highly bio active material, combined with the region's climatic conditions (temperature, light and moisture), that contributes to the development of Moomiyo. The general character of this region facilitated the formation of specific plant forms enriched in oils, alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, chlorophyll, carotenes, flavonoids, etc., each serving as a valuable raw material for many modern pharmaceutical and food industries. This diversity of plant materials causes a unique variety of wild animals in the region, which differ from animals of other parts of the world by a richer content of micro-elements and biologically active compounds in their organs and muscles. Coming back to its origination highly in the mountains, Moomiyo has been referred to as "mountain tear", "mountain blood", and "balsam of rock".*

It is the digest of many floras at the crest of the mountains under very special conditions that produces the Moomiyo extract. It is very rare as it can be accumulated only twice a year. To collect just a small portion of pure Moomiyo one would have to contribute many months of hard work to the process. But of course, the result will justify this investment. The effects include activation of the growth processes on the cell-molecular level in all organs and body systems (Blood, liver, myocardium, skeletal muscles, lymphatic system, central and peripheral nervous systems, skin and hair, and gastrointestinal tract). What's the best way to use Moomiyo to yield maximum results in sports? The result will be a fast and easy recovery, a more efficient adaptation to training and of course muscle gain .Mainly because of its growth-promoting, and stimulating effects, Moomiyo has become popular among Russian and East European athletes .According to Russian elite athletes, coaches and sport scientists, the use of Moomiyo has been shown to increase training loads (volume and weight) within both micro and macro-cycles by 16-29 percent! This is a significant improvement at any level of sport. Furthermore, Moomiyo considerably facilitates the complete long-term overnight recovery as documented by the morning biochemical and hormonal blood and urine tests .Additional short cycles of Moomiyo are also highly beneficial under the circumstances of over-training, and physical and emotional stress. But this is not all, as there is one more aspect to the benefits of Moomiyo usage in sports, which relates to its adaptogenic features. It can be effective at preventing age-related hormone-dependent disorders and correspondingly should have been considered as a nutrient for noncompetitive athletes over the age of thirty who still participate in fitness programs. High content of bio active instances appears to be responsible for Moomiyo's outstanding anti-inflammatory and healing effects. It is very beneficial at reducing joint soreness of the knees, shoulders and elbow of weight lifters. In summary, Moomiyo plays an important growth-promoting and restorative role in the preparation of the elite athletes, bodybuilders, power lifters and other sportsmen. We have only recently become aware of the tremendous powers of Moomiyo since its presentation after the collapse of the Soviet Union. *

Shilajit Moomiyo is obtained from rocks in the Altai region. It is a form of mineral that drips from the cracks of the rocks during hot weather. It is the decomposition of plant matter in the rocks from thousands and ten of thousands of years in the past. The bio transformed plant matter is extruded from the rocks by geothermal pressures. It is collected in raw form for further purification. Walking high in the mountains, a thick rich paste oozing out from the rocks in the towering cliffs is Shilajit. It increases the  core energy  responsible for sexual and spiritualpower, the same force that is withered by stress and anxiety. Shilajit is well known for renewing vitality. Shilajit is an exudate that is pressed out from layers of rock high in the mountains. It is composed of humus and organic plant material that has been compressed by layers of rock. Humus is formed when soil microorganisms decompose animal and plant material into elements usable by plants. Plants are the source of all our food and humus is the source of plant food. Unlike other soil humus, Shilajit humus consists of 60 - 80% organic mass. About 200 million years ago, India was a large island off the Australian coast separated from the Eurasian continent by the Tethys Sea. The Indian continent drifted north at a rate of about 9 meters a century. This movement lead to the eventual disappearance of the Tethys sea. 40 to 50 million years ago the Indian continent collided with the Asian continent. This caused the sea bed of the Tethys sea to be pushed up and keep moving up to eventually form the Himalayan mountains. The Himalayan mountains continue to rise more than 1 Centimeter a year. During this transition the mineral rich and fertile soil of the sea bed gave rise to a lush and dense tropical jungle. As the ground continued to be pushed up to become mountains a lot of the plants became trapped by layers of rock and soil and remained preserved for thousands of years. These plants had never been exposed to any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. They are gradually transformed into Humus, a rich organic mass that is food for new plant life. Due to microbial action and the tremendous pressure from the weight of the mountains the Humus was transformed into a dense, viscous, mineral rich mass. This is Shilajit. The trapped layers of Shilajit become exposed due to the freezing winters, hot summer sun and erosion from monsoon rains. Shilajit will "flow" out from between the cracks in the layers of rock during the summer when the temperature of the mountains gets warm enough and the Shilajit becomes less viscous. The native people then climb the mountains, repel down cliffs to collect the Shilajit*


Shilajit - Premium 120 vcaps - Certified Organic | Tattva's Herbs

Serving Size: 1 vegetarian capsule

Suggested use: One capsule two times daily or as directed by your physician. It is advised to cycle Shilajit, and take a one month break every 2-3 months.

Servings Per Container: 60 or 120

Ingredients per capsule:

  • Shilajit Moomiyo (Standardized for Fulvic Acids 15% and Humic Acid 10%) - 300 mg.
  • Amla (Organic Extract) - 195 mg.
  • Pippili - 5 mg.


Other Ingredients: "K" Capsule (Vegetable Cellulose), Aerated silica, no synthetic additives. 
No animal ingredients, a Cruelty Free product, suitable for vegetarians

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