Secret Weapon Weight Loss

Secret Weapon Weight Loss

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Secret Weapon Weight Loss | AminoZyte 

Amazing weight loss product that works by binding leptin receptors in the brain leading to decreased appetite.*

State-of-the-art infoceutical

No injections, pills or creams

AminoZyte Oral Spray

AminoZyte Ingredients:

The secret to the AminoZyte brand is the quality of the ingredients of our products which come directly from our contracted laboratories in Germany. Only the finest materials provide the amazing results achieved by AminoZyte. Through an immense amount of research and testing AminoZyte proudly offer these life-changing formulations to everyone.*

AminoZyte ingredients have only recently become affordable. Only within the last few years have these special formulations been made available to the public. Through vigorous testing and uncomprimising standards the AminoZyte brand has achieved a revolutionary product for an affordable price. Even at price structures two years ago the cost of our products would be 10x the current price.*


Because AminoZyte is a blend of completely natural amino acids and peptides that your body already has, though is just low in. It has an excellent safety profile, there have been no incidents of adverse affects. *

Though, like any product it, is not recommended during pregnancy*

Secret Weapon Weight Loss | AminoZyte
Supplement Facts:


Serving size: 1 spray Servings per bottle: 220 Each bottle contains: 30 ml

Directions: Activate pump 2 to 3 times until mist appears from applicator nozzle. Apply 1 spray in mouth and swallow 3 to 5 times per day or use as directed by a physician.

Each serving contains:

Leptin Accelerator 10mg

Phenylehthylamine 25 mg

Biostable Prokin 5mg

Acetyl Tyrosine 25 mg

Proprietory Blend of Amino Acids and Peptides  15 mg
*Daily Value not established

Other ingredients: Purified Water, Sodium Chloride 0.65%, Disodium Phosphate, Phenylcarbinol, Monosodium Phosphate, Benzalkonium Chloride.

Warnings: For adults only. If you are on medications, pregnant or nursing a baby, consult a health care physician prior to taking any supplement

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Is AminoZyte Safe? 

Because AminoZyme is a blend of completely natural amino acids and peptides that your body already has, though is just low in. It has an excellent safety profile, there have been no incidents of adverse affects.

How Long Does A Bottle Of AminoZyte Last? 

Each bottle of AminoZyte contains about 300 sprays. Depending on your condition Doctors recommend between 3- 15 sprays per day. Therefore, bottles will typically last between one to three months.

How Quickly Do People Achieve Results With AminoZyte? 

AminoZyte is extremely effective for many conditions. Most users report results before they finish their first bottle.

What if I miss a scheduled dose of AminoZyte? 

Never worry if you miss an application of AminoZyte, simply continue with your regular schedule of treatment.

What Precautions Should Be Taken When Using AminoZyte? 

Again, AminoZyte is a blend of completely natural amino acids and peptides. Though, like many products it is not recommended during pregnancy.

What Dosage Of AminoZyte Do I Need To Take Or Is It Doctor Recommended? 

AminoZyte is available through your Doctor or Health Care Provider and they will provide you with the appropriate treatment protocol depending on your condition.

What Is The Shelf Life Of AminoZyte?


The shelf life of AminoZyte is one year .


What If I Feel Bad When I Am Not Using This Product?


This may be a good indication that AminoZyte is supplementing you with the correct nutrition for your condition and to re-visit your Doctor to discuss the continuation of the product.


Why Is AminoZyte Is More Costly Than Other Supplements?


Actual production cost of AminoZyte has only recently become affordable. The ingredients in AminoZyte are extremely purified and of the Highest-Quality available in the world.

Are There Physicians Using AminoZyte? 

The majority of physicians offering AminoZyte also use the product.

Do I Need To Worry About The Delivery Of My Product During Hot And Cold Months? 

No, AminoZyte is delivered by Express mail only. Short delivery times assure the product will arrive in excellent condition.

Why Does My Shipment Require A Signature? 

Like prescription medications, AminoZyte has a no return policy and must be delivered to the correct address. The requirement of a signature helps ensure accurate delivery.

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