Schizandra Dreams

Schizandra Dreams

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Schizandra Dreams 90 tabs   On backorder with Health Concerns

Treats insomnia and influences dreaming; may lessen the severity of sleep apnea, Acts as a calming sedative for daytime agitation, anxiety attacks, palpitations or for substance withdrawal. Treats nighttime cough with excessive sputum, Treats gastric ulcer and hyperacidity of the stomach*

Chinese Therapuetic Actions:

  • Nourish the heart*
  • Calm the spirit*

    Schizandra Dreams incorporates valerian extract into the Chinese pharmacopoeia. Valerian, a plant native to North America and Europe, is traditionally used for the relief of insomnia, anxiety, migraines and intestinal cramping. Clinical studies have demonstrated effectiveness in improving sleep quality and relieving insomnia in tests with normal subjects and those suffering from sleep disorders. In comparison with barbiturates or benzodiazepines, valerian had reduced morning sleepiness. In a study of 11,168 patients in Germany, symptoms were eliminated in 70 percent of the subjects, improved in 24 percent and unchanged in 6 percent of the patients (Upton, Roy ed. Valerian Root, Santa Cruz, p. 15, ANP) Valerian is combined in the formula with herbs that sedate the spirit, Oyster shell (mu li) and Dragonbone (long gu). Schizandra (wu wei zi) has been shown to normalize cerebral discharges and regulate the breathing center. The formula is helpful in cases of insomnia when patients waken frequently at night with difficulty breathing. Oyster shell and dragonbone contain calcium carbonate in a form that reduces muscular tension and helps stop ulcer pain. Amber (hu po) is used for its sedative effect*

Schizandra Dreams 90 tabs

Proprietary Blend (750 mg) of
Valerian root
Calcium Carbonate
Schizandra (Wu Wei Zi)
Oystershell (Mu Li)
Amber resin (Hu Po)
Mandarin essential oil

This product is not intended for use by pregnant women.

Suggested Use:
One to two tablets 1 hour before bedtime; or as directed by your health professional.

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