Sauna Dome - Dry FIR Sauna

Sauna Dome - Dry FIR Sauna

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72" X 25" X 18"
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Dry Carbon Black Far Infrared Hyperthermic Sauna
State of the Art in Dry FIR Sauna Hyperthermia Technology

"FIR sauna technology is the only proven and most efficacious way of getting rid of stored environmental chemicals. I'm convinced that the far infrared sauna is something everyone should do to restore health- Sherry Rogers MD, Northeast Center for Environmental Medicine. Author of Tired or Toxic? Detoxify or Die.

Advanced Black Carbon Far Infrared Technology originally created by NASA for use in Satellites & The Space Program

  • Very Comfortable
  • Easy to set up, maintain, store
  • Premium quality for less money
  • Dome shape focuses the energy
  • Reflects FIR energy w/frequencies that are body-friendly
  • Variable Temperature
  • Uses Very Little Electricity


The Sauna Dome represents a new paradigm in the field of sauna therapy.

More Effective Exposure To Far Infrared Rays

Laying Down Is The Most Beneficial Way To SaunaLower Temperatures Than Conventional SaunasThe Benefit Of Space Saving Size & Low WeightA Substantial Price Advantage Over Other Models


The explosive growth of sauna manufacturers is testimony to the public demand for these wonderful health tools. Now the SAUNA DOME takes Far Infrared saunas to a new level beyond the walk-in models by providing deeper penetration and greater exposure of far infrared rays!


      Total FIR Coverage

      Attractive & Functional Storage


"A sauna used to be thought of as a luxury. But studies now confirm that diet and environmental chemicals cause 95% of cancers. Futhermore, as the first generation of man exposed to such an unprecedented plethora of daily chemicals, we have learned that stored or undetoxified chemicals can mimic any disease. 'Incurable' chronic diseases that were once thought to have no known cause can often disappear once toxic chemicals are gone. Since the far infrared sauna is the safest, most efficacious and economical way of depurating stored toxins, this makes it a household necessity" - Sherry Rogers MD
  •  MORE EFFECTIVE EXPOSURE TO FAR INFRARED RAYS- The whole interior of the Dome is the heating element. There are no dead spots.
  •  LAYING DOWN IS THE MOST BENEFICAL WAY TO SAUNA- Laying down is the most effective and comfortable way to take a sauna. Not only is it more relaxing but there are important physiological reasons why laying down is more therapeutic than sitting. Laying down in the dome promotes distinct cardiovascular and neurological advantages. Laying down relieves the nervous system and cardiovascular system of the extra stress that is required to maintain an erect posture. Gravity places a burden on the system which is why the rest and repair of sleep is naturally laying down. The cardiovascular system is relieved from postural demands in the a laying down position. Under the heat stress which is common in a sauna the regulation of internal body responses toward self healing is maximized with the greatest degree of relaxation.
  • DETOXIFICATION- Increased circulation and improved oxygenation with increased core body temperature from FIR promote improved exchange of nutrients into cells and the discharge of toxins. Observation from Asia support that FIR has a broad range of benefits in a wide variety of health conditions.
  •  DEEP RELAXATION- In just minutes the SAUNA DOME will deeply relax the body. Used as day therapy in the home or in a clinic rapid rest and restoration of energy and release of tension is achieved.
  •  IMPROVED CIRCULATION - If there was one single factor that could be considered the greatest general contributor to maintaining, improving or restoring health it would be good circulation. The health of the whole system depends on the movement of blood and energy throughout. By dilating blood vessels and penetrating deeply into he body the SAUNA DOME increases and strengthens circulation without causing any stress on the system.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT- There is famous saying in medicine dating back thousands of years "give me a good enough fever and there is no disease that I couldn't cure".

Dry Carbon Black Far Infrared Hyperthermic Sauna.
State of the Art in Dry FIR Hyperthermic Technology!

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  • length:     72 inches
  • width:     25 inches
  • inside height: 18 inches
  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Uses Very Little Electricity - Voltage 110/60 hz
  • Super Conductive Heating - 750 watts, approximately 15 cents per hour
  • Temperature range- 100 F to 160 F
  • timer - separate for upper and lower, choice of set time with automatic shut off or continuous time
  • Control Box- analog with separate controls for upper and lower dome
  • Standing Dimensions: 1.5 feet x 2.5 ft x 3 ft nestled
  • Dome Frame:     Mahagony Wood, Outer Layer of Naugahyde
  • BlackCarbon FIR emitting panels
  • Body Mat: Full body water proof mat
  • Wheel Rollers on Upper Dome to facilitate ease of entry and exit
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