Ultra Binder Sensitive Formula 120 gms

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Haidee Lance
Aug 12, 2019
I am on a heavy metal detoxification program and had problems with the heavy metals damaging and killing off my gut bacteria as they were excreted. That is until my integrative doctor found Ultra Binder. It's been a game changer for me. We started with the original Ultra Binder, and I had to start with a very small dose and increase it gradually. My doctor changed me to the Low Sulfur version when it became available. He believes it to be a superior product.

Advantages: It binds up heavy metals and other toxins so they don't damage or kill off my gut bacteria. Various other products were unsatisfactory or caused me gut distress.

Disadvantages: Because I also take charcoal, I take Ultra Binder and charcoal 2 hours away from other supplements and medication. When I took them both once a day I found that I excreted two-tone faeces which indicated that not all the faeces were being treated with charcoal and Ultra Binder. So now I split the dose into two. I take one dose 2 hours after my evening meal and supplements. For the second dose I set an alarm for 2 hours before I get up in the morning, take the charcoal and Ultra Binder and go back to bed.

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