Energy 10 powder stick packets

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IteRa Clehouse
Jul 31, 2019
I love the Om Energy 10 packets! They have various ingredients that really "give me energy." I've combined them with other protein drinks, and I've simply added water--either way, I'm quite pleased with them. Give them a try! I think you'll enjoy them, too!

Advantages: The packet tastes good--a bonus to me. I've taken other energy drinks that I've had to gobble them down as fast as possible and then rinsed my mouth. It can be added to hot or cold liquids--coffee, hot tea, protein drinks, etc.--I have never tried cold water, per se, because our water this time of the year doesn't get really cold like in the winter.

Disadvantages: After spilling some of the powder in the packet when I first cut it open, I learned to cut off the top totally--not just 1/2.

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