Ultra Binder, Toxin Binder 30 servings

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cathleen ekman
Aug 15, 2019
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The Ultra Binder from Quicksilver has helped my daughter & I to cope & heal from Lyme Disease. We were misdiagnosed for years with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and my favorite, "Empty-nest Syndrome". (I had 3 kids at home at that time.The oldest was 16!), etc. Dr. Steve recommended Ultra Binder & shared with me the process of using it. It is REMARKABLE, to say the least. It is VERY important that you stick to a Detox diet, for at least 8 weeks. We refrain from all sugars, grains, dairy, potatoes, fruits and, of course, coffee & alcohol. Personally, I think September through October is the best time to detox: The tempting summer fruits have passed. Vacations & summer gatherings have slowed & the impossible to resist, holiday meals & parties are 3 months away. January/February is another great time. EVERYBODY is dieting or detoxing. Saunas & the mini-trampoline help speed up the process too. I haven't been tested in years now for Lyme, but I pay attention to my diet after the detox, during the week, allowing myself the luxury of dinners with friends every once-in-awhile, on the weekends. When I start to feel tired & sluggish, and have pains here & there, I detox again & take products that Dr. Steve recommends for our particular diseases. My daughter has had to quit her job, give up her apartment & come home to heal 3 separate times. After the 8 weeks & she feels up to par, she goes back to eating & drinking the typical American diet, then suffers in horrendous pain for years.The severity of any particular diseases one has, has to match the recovery time. In my research, 8 weeks is the bare minimum time to detox: 6 weeks to kill the invaders & 2 more weeks to kill the eggs they've hatched. My Lyme, if I still have it, is SO easy to deal with. My daughter has several different strains of Lyme and really, truly, needs to stay on a cleanse much longer. I am not a medical professional & I don't sell health products. This is my personal experience, and for us, Quicksilver's Ultra Binder is the best & most effective. There are several YouTube videos that are well worth taking the time to learn about WHY it's so effective. Forresthealth.com and Dr. Steve Forrest have been a major influence in our battle with our auto-immune disorders. I couldn't have obtained my good health without his direction!

Advantages: A deeper detox, that BINDS toxins and heavy metals effectively. Unlike simple herbs & veggies that only work for a couple hours, thus depositing them in other parts of your body, Ultra Binder has been created to surround the toxins and take them OUT of the body

Disadvantages: None, but use according to the directions from your doctor ,or Dr. Chris Shade in his videos on the product. Don't ignore this statement. It's a powerful detox and heavy metal removal is not something you want to take without researching!

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