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Jensen Kvarnes
Mar 15, 2020
Since 2005, I have been using Spironil and Biotox Elim together to beat Lymes disease. Spironil kills the bacteria and Biotox Elim removes the toxins from the body. One winter when I had bad sore throat and the beginnings of a cold, it occurred to me that the sore throat was probably caused by bacteria. I used this combination and it worked like charm. It worth keeping these two in your med cabinet in case of tick bites or sore throats. I take more doses than recommended. I use my tuition to tell me when I need more.
May 31, 2019
I love Spironil. Per doctor's orders, I rotate it with other medicines to keep my chronic Lyme disease in check, and it really does give your immune system a chance to recover a bit and cut my sick days from about 200 days a year where I had pneumonia, bronchitis, mono, and whatever other illnesses are in the world while other people were seemingly healthy because their bodies could fight off a few infections, to now I only have about 30 bad sick days in an entire year. I can have a life again like other young people!

I just wish there was a gel capsule option, I can't exactly travel with drops and there's no way to actually take my prescribed noon dose when I'm out and about on errands. I know they only have liquid because it absorbs better, but I'm not feeling the effects those times I can't take it at all because it's cumbersome to take in a purse or on the road.

It also doesn't taste good, like most liquid medicines in alternative medicine, which may make some people skip doses just to avoid an unpleasant experience.

I wish I could take this and Biotox Elim as pills.

Advantages: Really works

Disadvantages: Inconvenient liquid

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