Sugar Starch DigestEnz

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Eric Reaves
Jun 25, 2019
This supplement was able to stabilize my daughter's carbohydrate digestion in about 30 days. Then, she was able to get back to her regular diet and her cravings for the carbs was way less. Very pleased with the performance.

Advantages: The effects on reducing carbohydrate cravings only took a week to detect.

Disadvantages: None.
Jul 16, 2019
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Absolutely love this product. Have been taking it for 7+ years. Was recommended by my Bioset practitioner as the one that would work best for my digestive needs. I take it with the first bite of each meal and it helps prevent indigestion, belching and bloating, among other health benefits. Far superior to the Theramedix formulation of the same name.

Advantages: Like being able to purchase a larger bottle. Professional strength, better than the ones found in health food stores. Easy to purchase here.

Disadvantages: More expensive these days but works better than others I have tried.
Sep 27, 2019
Product works as advertised.

Advantages: Better digestion

Disadvantages: None

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