Cognease Detox

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Julie Miracle
Sep 2, 2019
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COGNEASE was prescribed by our integrative physician as part of a mold protocol. I have used it along with TOX-EASE GL and MYCOREGEN for two mold patients in our family with excellent results. The protocol included other elements including binders; I believe the Beyond Balance products helped to detox the body and repair the damaged neurological and endocrine systems. One of our patients has also been treated for chronic Lyme. When using these products to treat the mold, I was able to decrease the detoxing products I usually use to support elimination of the spirochete waste, especially products that focus on neurological help. This allowed me to keep monthly supplement costs in check while adding a new treatment area to our chronic Lyme patient. The daily drop increase in these products is much easier on the body than many others, so getting to the therapeutic dose is pretty fast. I think six months of use is a good marker for a mold patient who is not exposed again.
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