5001 Level 3: Heart - Sterling Silver w/ 14K Gold Tabs

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Clarity Enhanced
"The second I put it on I could feel my energy field clear. I love wearing it, especially given the type of work I do, where clarity on my part is essential" Pat, Transpersonal Wellness Facilitator, Hypnotherapist

Ease with Travel, Shopping Malls, Flourescent Lights
I have enjoyed my shield, especially for long days travelling and through airports, I notice a difference in shopping malls, and also being under fluorescent lights as well, that I experience no fatigue and can do long days with lots of energy. I know that I have a strong field of energy regardless, but the shield definitely enhances it. Deborah Moncur

Medical Intuitive Reports Q-Link Shield Difference
"I work with many MD's who refer patients to me for my skills as a medical intuitive. Wearing the Q-Link I had to 'punch through' that frequency to be able to function as a medical intuitive. Because the Shield works with my subtle energy field vs adding an artificial frequency, I am able to relax, and find it even easier to do my work .
I love it. "
Francesca Fleming, Medical Intuitive

Energy Maintained to the End of the Day for Teacher
“I am able to ‘engage’ the last reading group without being so tired. Also, less jet lag!. I love my Shield.”
R.Anderson, Teacher, CA

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