2000-S Level 3: Sterling Silver w/14K Gold Tabs - Satin

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"People have been trying to get me to slow down for years – to no avail. The Shield did it in less than two weeks!
While I wouldn’t say the Shield completely protects you from the bad vibes of the allegedly "cold cruel world," it certainly helps you recover quicker from encounters with angry/frustrated people, tight deadlines and freezing weather in the middle of April. "
D. Bliss

"I’ve worn the BioElectric shield for 2 years. From the outset I have always been aware of the extra boost that the Shield gives both to my body and my mind. Plus it has always been an admired piece of jewelry"
Tim Wheater, Award Winning International Flautist

"I have had my Shield for almost a year and refuse to live without anymore, despite mockery, jokes and teasing! I don’t care how it works; I only know it does work. I’ve spent years of my life in and out of bed, both at home and in the hospital, with various and sundry chronic respiratory problems. Since wearing the Shield, I haven’t once had a cold or cough, let alone bronchitis or pneumonia. Plus I feel great! Blessings on you!"
Jennifer Miller, Seattle

"I have fibromyalgia. I just went walking on Bear Mountain and was thinking about the changes the Shield has facilitated. I feel calmer and can live in my own skin. I feel I can handle other people's energy better. Basically, I have more respect for myself. I now respect my own pace. I sleep better, and accept that I may need to sleep more with others. Before the Shield, I was very anxious about this. Now I am allowing myself to be who I am, and be fine with it."

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