Delicate Hydrating Oil 4 fl oz

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L.K in Housto
For the past year I have been suffering from itchy lower legs. I have no idea why. I've been to a dermatologist and they prescribed me a very strong antibiotic and anti-inflamatory foam. It was horrible. It burned and it was way too much trouble, so I stopped treatment after a month of use (not to mention the price tag on the prescriptions). I tried this oil on a whim (because I love Suki products) and guess what? NO MORE ITCH!!! My skin looks and feels amazing! It's easy to apply and about 1/4 the price of the prescriptions. Plus I smell great! (not that I smelled bad before).
c.g. in phoenix
simply pleasure
i love using this in my bath at the end of the day. it relaxes me & i love the scent
F.L. in Seattl
soft skin that smells like... pines
i love this product!! my skin is always smooth & fully moisturized the day after i use it. i personally love the pine smell. i would suggest that this be applied after you step out of the shower. remain in the bathroom & apply it there. the steam from the shower helps the skin absorb the oil faster. you'll be glowing when you wake up the next morning.

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