Concentrated Balancing Toner 400 ml

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suki skin products have changed my skin & my life!
i would just like to take a moment to say that suki skin products have changed my skin & my life! i developed adult acne when i turned 20 years old. i tried everything on the market, even harsh professional chemical peels at my doctor's office. nothing worked & just made everything inflamed. while shopping with a friend, i found suki at Wholefoods in chicago. i noticed a change in my skin in the first month! when i went back to the city to see the same friend she was stunned. the first thing out of her mouth was, "wow! your skin looks great!" thank you so much for creating such a wonderful line of
Wonderful product!
I really love suki products! I have also tried prescription skin creams and this is the only thing that works & protects & nourishes my skin. Natural products really can work
Liz P.
I promise you will LOVE this product!!! I have dealt with problem skin (acne & hyperpigmentation) for years now, & NOTHING (including acutane)has worked as well for me as this product & all other suki skin care products for acneic skin & sensitive skin. You will fall in love with all suki products!!!
Thumb Up!
This balancing Toner is the one I cannot live without it because my skin does not feel dry, burning, &/or redness. I love the smell! It takes care of the whiteheads. Works wonder.
j.a. in Santa Cruz
surprisingly effective
in conjunction with other suki products, (transformative cleansing clay & exfoliate foaming cleanser) this toner kept breakouts at bay after i quit the pill & was scared to death that my mild acne would resurface. well, i trust suki & have faith in their products, & sure enough, no breakouts. i use it during the day to freshen up as well. i can honestly say this toner helped keep my skin plump & fresh & kept my self esteem up. =)
A.S. in Austin
it felt so clean & refreshing!
after using the balancing toner, my face felt so clean & refreshed! i've used it for only 2 days, & can't believe how quickly my acne cleared up!

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