Balancing Facial Oil

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Really cleared my skin
Posted by Becky on 31st May 2010
I have acne prone skin with clogged pores and this really cleared my skin and it feels firmer! Love the fresh orangey scent.
miracle in a tiny bottle!
Posted by a.l. in Sweden on 20th Jul 2009
i have tried several "miracle" products, all of them containing scary chemicals & none of them resulting in any difference except for making my sensitive skin more sensitive. but the bio-c 10% formula face serum is actually nothing less than a miracle - although it doesn't make such claims. my skin instantly became more even-toned, smooth and clear. it provides a protective shield from environmental damage, without feeling the least bit sticky. it's just like magical dew drops filled with vitamin c & other good stuff! even after late nights out, this serum makes my skin looks like brand new in the morning. i just love
i am 20 years old. i have had problems with acne for years. i bought this product to help with some of the premature signs of aging i've come across from sun damage, but this product helped a lot more with my acne. the amount of antioxidants & anti-inflammatories (& also lack of irritating ingredients) in this product really calmed my skin down. months later, my skin is almost completely clear. however, i experienced only a very slight firming of the skin & really no reduction in fine lines. i think that this product might be good for what it is but it should maybe be coupled with an alpha hydroxy acid for better results. the largest con to this product is that it is unreasonably expensive.

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