Concentrated Clarifying Toner 3.4 oz

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completely worth the price!

i've suffered from painfully severe hormonal acne my entire teenage/adult life. adding this serum to my daily suki regimen has significantly reduced the severity of (if not eliminated) these breakouts. thank you, suki -- this product has literally saved my skin (& my sanity)!
Posted by Heather, NC on 16th May 2010
I have had cystic acne and red bumps all over my face for several months and nothing seemed to work. Once I completely switched to Suki, I began to wake to clearer, more radiant skin. After reading about the serum, I knew my skin would benefit from it; however, I was apprehensive to purchase the serum b/c of the price.
Now that I have the serum, I can’t imagine not using it. The smell is divine, and the way it has transformed my skin is simply amazing! A little goes a long way, and the price only validates just how wonderful this product truly is- It has restored my happiness and confidence in my skin
Amazing difference!
Posted by Becky -- PA on 15th May 2010
This works just as well as the prescription strength cream from my dermatologist. It has cleared all my whiteheads and blackheads and prevents pimples from developing. All this with no side effects...amazing
thank you for helping me!
Posted by B.N. in Boston, MA on 20th Jul 2009
the purifying serum really work so well for my acne! my blemishes are almost completely gone... & i almost resorted to taking accutane until i found you. thank you for helping me
i am impressed!
Posted by b.c. in IA on 16th Jul 2009
i am just finishing my first bottle of the bio-active purifying face serum, & i have to say, i am impressed! i have been using suki products for a couple years & have noticed a definite improvement. this is a wonderful product.

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