Balancing Day Lotion 1 oz

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K.P., Canada on 21st Oct 2010
This product works well. I had recently started breaking out, and ran out of my regular moisturizer. Someone recommended this face lotion and I tried it out. It's very smooth, my face has never been dry, and my breakouts have reduced significantly to only a couple very small spots occasionally. You only need 1-2 pumps for the entire face, and the whole bottle lasts around 3 months. I ran out of this product a couple of days ago, and can already feel my face starting to break out again.
PDX on 2nd Oct 2010
I have moderate rosacea - redness, but not painful, and enough that strangers will ask me if I'm sunburned when I flush. I've been using this product for about one week and I've noticed an incredible result. Smooth, even, dewy skin, with out drying out or being too heavy feeling. Also, other pimples or acne have been less frequent. I wash with DeVita Aloe cleanser in addition. Definitely give this one a try if you have rosacea. I've used Dr. H, Origins, and others. The best results have been with Suki and Devita. Good luck!
A.C. Yellowstone National Park, WY on 18th May 201
this stuff rocks !
I was skeptical of this product at first because whenever I use day lotions i break out, but I think it's become my favorite! I live in a wicked dry climate and this is the perfect amount of moisture. My face feels awesome! I don't break out, skin tone looks even and one bottle lasts forever-i'm shocked that it really only takes one pump and it lasts all day!

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