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Matthew Garvey
Jun 12, 2019
Very potent formula.

Advantages: Does attack Bartonella after a few months of use.

Disadvantages: Can induce a herxheimer reaction if you don’t take baby steps.
marina krylova
Oct 3, 2019
I think this product is great for treating babesia. I have very strong babesia symptoms and only Artemisinin and ABAB work for me. It really helps with sleep, mood issues and brain fog (if these symptoms are caused by Babesia).

Advantages: Helps with many symptoms

Disadvantages: Strong herxing, need to start very slow and not overdose
Debbie Barber
Dec 31, 2019
Formula: A-EB/H6 was recommended by my functional medicine provider and it has been effective for me!

Advantages: Easy to use

Disadvantages: None
cathleen ekman
Aug 15, 2019
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Byron White Products have helped my daughter & I heal from Lyme Disease. We were misdiagnosed for years with Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and my favorite, Empty-nest syndrome (I had 3 kids. The oldest was 16!), etc. After MUCH research, I was able to learn about Byron White's struggle with the current treatments for Lyme. It resulted in his invention of the Byron White Products. They are REMARKABLE, to say the least. The directions I've been given by my alternative doctor, Dr. Steve, is to start with ONE DROP in a small glass of water & to hold it in the mouth for a minute. Although the initial cost of Byron White Products SEEMS like it's high, it's extremely concentrated & not like all the others that have you using 20-40 drops. We increased the dosage slowly. If the pain from die-off of the disease was too intense, we cut back to the last dosage we were taking for awhile. It is VERY important that you stick to a Detox diet, for at least 8 weeks. We refrain from all sugars, grains, dairy, potatoes, fruits and, of course, coffee & alcohol. Personally, I think September through October is the best time to detox: The tempting summer fruits have passed. Vacations & summer gatherings have slowed & the impossible to resist, holiday meals & parties are 3 months away!! January/February is another great time. EVERYBODY is dieting or detoxing! Saunas & the mini-trampoline help speed up the process too. I haven't been tested in years now but I pay attention to my diet after the detox during the week, allowing myself the luxury of dinners with friends every once-in-awhile, on the weekends. When I start to feel tired & sluggish, and have pains here & there, I detox again & take Byron White products & others that Dr. Steve recommends. My daughter has had to quit her job, give up her apartment & come home to heal 3 separate times. After the 8 weeks & she feels up to par, she goes back to eating & drinking the typical American diet, then suffers in horrendous pain. The severity of any particular diseases one has, has to match the recovery time. In my research, 8 weeks is the bare minimum time to detox. 6 weeks to kills the invaders & 2 more weeks to kill the eggs they've hatched. My Lyme, if I still have it, is SO easy to deal with. My daughter has several types of Lyme and Byron White has a product for all of them. I am not a medical professional & I don't sell and health products. This is my personal experience and for us, this line of products, is a God-send!

Advantages: Healing from Lyme with as little as pain that's possible. Extremely effective. Per use, starting with ONE DROP, worth every penny (or dollar, lol!). No negative taste.

Disadvantages: None

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