Reishi Gano 161 400 mg 150 vcaps

Reishi Gano 161 400 mg 150 vcaps

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Reishi Gano 161 400 mg 150 vcaps | JHS Natural 

Reishi extracts from all-natural mushrooms. High potency, hot water extracted, the only Reishi supported by the science for Immune and liver health.*

Reishi Gano 161 by Mushroom Science, is the most powerful Reishi supplement of its kind. Reishi is one of the most highly regarded medicinal mushrooms, an excellent tonic which works to improve overall health and increase longevity. All medicinal mushrooms possess a high proportion of immune-enhancing polysaccharides, which are also found in goji berries, yacon, kelp, and aloe vera. Reishi has a large quantity of polysaccharides, plus it has triterpenes known as ganoderic acids. The latter are responsible for many of Reishis adaptogenic effects, which put it on the same level as the Peruvian superfood Maca.*

Reishi is currently used by many mountain climbers to combat altitude sickness and is contained in many of the performance-enhancing herbal formulas used by competitive athletes.*

Reishi Gano 161 400 mg 150 capsules | JHS Natural

The Myco-Choice seal assures you that this mushroom extract is processed in accordance with the principles of both traditional medicine and modern clinical science.

The primary bio-active components are well known.   Our extraction process protects these vital components, concentrating them into a highly absorbable form.

JHS seeks to set the highest standards for quality analysis of natural products.   We use the best technology available to assure both the purity and consistency, providing you with the finest mushroom products available anywhere.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Servings per container 150    
Amount per serving
Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum, Gano161) fruit body extract 400 mg
Beta Glucan (polysaccharide) 12%
triterpene 6%

Other Ingredients: cellulose

Suggested Use: One to five capsules, twice daily AM and PM, on an empty stomach.

Warnings: Keep this product out of the reach of children.  If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your physician before taking this product.   Do not use if hypersensitive to mushrooms.   Do not use if the safety seal around top of bottle is missing or broken.
Keep tightly closed in a dry place.   Store between 55-86 degrees F,
(14-30 C)

One capsule contains:
Ganoderma lucidum (Red Reishi) fruit body extract, 12% Beta Glucan (polysaccharide) 6% Triterpenes (ganoderic acids) 400mg


How Supplied
150 Vcaps
400 mg per Vcap

Immune modulation,* hepatic support.*

Instructions For Use
Two to five capsules two times daily.

Toxicity, Cautions, Contraindications
No toxicity or side effects are reported in the available literature. Immuno-modulating substances should be avoided completely in organ transplant patients utilizing immuno-suppressive agents.

Clinical Research
Reishi is one of the most widely researched natural remedies in Asia, with most of the research centering on two actions: hepatic support* and immune modulation.

Traditional Use And Preparation
Reishi is mild and warming in nature, with a bitter taste. It is used to nourish, tonify, remove toxins, and disperse accumulation. It is used as a tonic for symptoms of weakness or debility and a sedative for dizziness and insomnia.3

All available references from TCM show Reishi being prepared as a hot-water extraction/decoction except one, where it is prepared as a tincture with rice wine for stomach ailments.4

Active Constituents
Ganoderic acids (Triterpenes), Polysaccharides.

Extraction Information
Heat-extracted concentrates from both the mushroom (fruiting stage) and the mycelium (vegetative stage) are available as commercial products. However, many of the triterpenes and other important constituents that benefit cardiovascular health* are found only in the mushrooms, not the mycelium.5Further, all of the clinical studies investigating immuno-modulating properties* have used hot water or hot-water/alcohol extracts, as hot water extraction is necessary to ensure bioavailability of the active compounds.6 Our 20:1 fruit-body extract is carefully processed at low temperature with both water and alcohol to ensure the presence of all the important bioactive compounds.

Latin ... Ganoderma lucidum
Chinese ... Ling zhi
Japanese ... Reishi
Common Name ... None

Ganoderma lucidum belongs to the family Polyporaceae, grows exclusively on hardwoods, and is found throughout the warmer areas of Asia and some of the warmer areas of North and South America. The fruiting bodies are hard and woody, reddish-orange to black in color, and have a shiny, varnished appearance on the surface of the cap. The mushroom caps are kidney shaped, 3-6 inches in width, with a slender stalk that attaches to the indentation in the side of the cap. The under side is cream colored and porous


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