Rehmannia 8

Rehmannia 8

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Rehmannia 8 90 tabs | Health Concerns
Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan Herbal Supplement 


  • Low back pain*

  • Edema - Acute*

  • Tonic formula - Tonify Qi*

  • Tonic formula - Tonify Yang*

  • Tonic formula - Nourish yin*

  • Kidney yang deficiency*

  • Prostate conditions Tonic*

  • Yang tonic*

  • Arthralgia and Arthritis (Bi syndromes) - Deficiency of kidney yang*

  • Back, Weak - Kidney yin deficiency*

  • Blurry Vision*

  • Ear-Ringing - Kidney deficiency*

  • Edema - Chronic*

  • Glaucoma*

  • Hypothyroid*

  • Kidney infection - Cold signs*

  • Urinary Retention*

  • Water Retention*

Therapeutic Actions

  1. Treat backache with numbness or cold legs, accompanied by impotence or premature ejaculation, ringing in the ears, general fatigue, frequent urination, and edema*
  2. Treat problems associated with aging, glaucoma, forgetfulness, and atherosclerosis*


Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Tonifies kidney qi and yang
Warms the center
Benefits the back
Drains dampness



Concentrated Extract 3 to 1
Internal: 3 tablets, TID, between meals
90 tablets, 650 mg, 10 day supply

Contraindications: Use cautiously in kidney yin deficiency with heat signs, i.e., hot hands and feet, afternoon fevers, night sweats



  • Rehmannia (cooked) root shu di huang*

  • Poria sclerotium fu ling*

  • Moutan root bark mu dan pi*

  • Dioscorea root shan yao*

  • Cornus fruit shan zhu yu*

  • Alisma rhizome ze xie*

  • Eucommia bark du zhong*

  • Cinnamon bark rou gui*

Formula Rationale

Rehmannia 8 is based on the traditional formula Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan used to tonify the kidney qi and yang. Eucommia (du zhong) replaces aconite (fu zi) in this formula to make it less warming and to add a strengthening effect for the tendons, ligaments, and bones. 

Rehmannia (shu di huang) nourishes the blood and replenishes the kidney. Poria (fu ling)tonifies the spleen and stomach and pacifies the heart. Moutan (mu dan pi) eliminates heat from the blood. Dioscorea (shan yao) strengthens the spleen and stomach. Cornus (shan zhu yu) nourishes liver and kidney yin, as well as treats aching back and knees, vertigo and impotence. Alisma (ze xie) resolves dampness and treats edema. Cinnamon bark (gou gui)warms the spleen and tonifies kidney yang.


Clinical Notes

1. Japanese physicians use the traditional Rehmannia 8 formula for some cases of hypertension, cataracts, and diabetes*
2. The formula also tonifies the kidney Yin and is useful when there are dual kidney Yin and Yang imbalances with kidney Yang predominating*


Additional Formulas

• See Backbone for kidney yang deficiency associated with back and spinal problems*
• See OsteoHerbal for osteoporosis*
• Virility Tabs is more warming than Rehmannia 8*
• For chronic edema combine Rehmannia 8 and Drain Dampness (Wu Ling San) 2 tablets of each formula QID*


Rehmannia 8 90 tabs | Health Concerns

Ingredients: Rehmannia (Shu Di Huang), Poria (Fu Ling), Moutan (Mu Dan Pi), Dioscorea (Shan Yao), Cornus (Shan Zhu Yu), Alisma (Ze Xie), Eucommia (Du Zhong), Cinnamon bark (Rou Gui)

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