Quinton Hypertonic

Quinton Hypertonic

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Marine Plasma. The original blueprint of life*

  • Energy*
  • Endurance*
  • Focus*
  • Recovery*
  • Flexibility*
  • Relaxation / Sleep*
  • Detoxification*
  • Digestive Support*
  • Immune Support*
  • Adrenal Support*

Hypertonic is pure marine plasma that is three times the mineral concentration of your blood and is the most potent. Hypertonic is ideal for energizing, rapid re-mineralization, and building the physiology. Health professionals report application for dramatic energy increases, mental focus, sports performance and challenged immune systems.*

Hypertonic is a good way to start your protocol if you are generally healthily or looking for athletic performance. Many Hypertonic users report positive results switching to Isotonic after several months and back to Hypertonic occasionally to regulate their system. After trying both, many just "know" which one they need when.*

  • Gives you ENERGY.*
  • Best for people under 50 of age.*
  • Revitalize and remineralize body cells.*
  • Totally compatible with doctor's prescription.*
  • Restore the electrolytic balance and biological equilibrium.*

Quinton Hypertonic™ mineral supplement is not recommended in cases of high blood pressure, or cardiac or kidney problems, where Quinton Isotonic ™ is the approved choice.*

Modern life, with its multitude of daily stressors and its less-than-ideal nutritional habits, tends to contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Such a situation may alter the electrolytic balance of the body causing undue fatigue and may ultimately lead to disease. The nutritional vitality of Quinton hypertonic ™ formula will surely provide the "solution".*

Quinton Hypertonic™ can restore the health of the organism by re-establishing biological equilibrium. They tend to revitalize the cells progressively by restoring the supply of all the minerals necessary to a fully-functionning metabolism.*

Bottles and ampoules under each name label contain identical solutions. It should be noted that Quinton products are totally compatible with most doctor's prescription and over-the-counter drugs.*

What is the Hypertonic definition : hypertonic means high solute concentration, low water concentration.*

The ability of a solution to change the shape or tone of cells by altering their internal water volume is called tonicity (tono = tension). In biology, a hypertonic cell environment has a higher concentration of solutes than inside the animal or plant cell. In a hypertonic environment, osmotic pressure causes water to flow out of the cell. If enough water is removed in this way, the cytoplasm will have such a small concentration of water that the cell has difficulty functioning.*

A cell that is in a hypertonic environment has a higher concentration of solute in the environment than in the inside of the cell, making the net flow of water out of the cell. A cell in a hypotonic environment has a lower concentration of solute in the environment than in the inside of the cell, making the net flow of water into the cell, eventually causing cell lysis.*

A solution which has a higher concentration of solutes than that in a cell is said to be hypertonic. This solution has more solute particles and, therefore, relatively less water than the cell contents.*

In simple terms a hypertonic solution is when there is a weak concentration of solute in the cell thus implicating that it has a higher concentration of water, so then the water would move from the higher concentration within the cell to the environment, so it would then decrease in mass for example in the osmosis experiment with the potato chip. If the chip is placed in a sucrose concentration which is higher than its own, the weaker concentration in the chip would have more water than the environment its in and the water would move from the higher concentration to the lower so the water would be lost to the environment thus decreasing the mass and length of the potato piece*


  • Quinton™ marine plasma has been applied by thousands of doctors in clinical and emergency settings for over 100 years throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.*
  • At one time, the Quinton family funded 69 free clinics throughout Europe to dispense Quinton™ to those in need.*
  • Quinton™ was secretly used by the French Army as a blood plasma replacement.*
  • Quinton™ was recognized as a pharmaceutical for over 80 years.*
  • Quinton™ was featured in the Dictionnaire Vidal (France's equivalent of the Physicians' Desk Reference) from 1953 to 1999.*
  • One publication summarized a 2,000 person, 20-year follow-up study that evaluated QuintonT for both safety and efficacy for a variety of acute and chronic health conditions.*

Quinton HYPERTONIC - 30 Ampules
30 Ampules Marine Plasma

30 Drinkable Vials - 0.34 fl oz 

Seawater Electrolytes
Since 1897
Cold Sterilized

Quinton Hypertonic contains seawater processed according to the original protocol drawn up by renowned physiologist and biologst Rene Quinton in 1897. Cold filtered under ISO 9001 to ensure quality. "The organism is a veritable living aquareium," wrote Rene Quinton.

Suggested Use: Drink 1 to 4 vials daily on an empty stomach as recommended by your healthcare professional

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 drinkable vial (10 ml)
Servings Per Container 30 

Amount Per Serving 
Sodium 102 mg 
Magnesium 11 mg 

Ingredients: Seawater 

Keep this and all breakable glass out of reach of children. Follow instructions inside to ensure safety with glass

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Superb for immune system support and sports performance... have been using this for 6 months now and won't ever stop!
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