Quiet Digestion

Quiet Digestion

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Quiet Digestion 90/270 caps | Health Concerns

Curing Herbal Supplement*
Bao He Wan*



  • Epigastric: Abdominal congestion*

  • Crohn's disease*

  • Indigestion - Cold*

  • Indigestion - Stagnation*

  • Nausea, vomiting*

  • Stomach ache, indigestion*

  • Abdominal Distension - Food stagnation*

  • Appetite, Poor - Stomach phlegm-damp*

  • Appetite, Poor - Liver qi stagnation with stomach qi stagnation*

  • Belching*

  • Diarrhea - With virus, bacteria, fungus*

  • Dizziness - Stomach phlegm*

  • Epigastric Distension - Food stagnation*

  • Flatulence - Food stagnation*

  • Food Poisoning*

  • Hangover*

  • Hiccup*

  • Infertility - Phlegm and dampness*

  • Motion sickness*

  • Nausea - Stomach phlegm*

  • Nausea - Stomach qi stagnation and phlegm*

  • Stomach Flu*

  • Stools, Erratic - Food stagnation*

  • Vomiting - Food stagnation*

  • Water Phlegm in Mouth*

  • Promote digestion / Relieve congestion at the center - intestinal flu with diarrhea*

  • Chemo/Radio surgery support - Nausea*

  • Gastritis, Bloating*

Therapeutic Actions*

1. Treat gastric distress, including abdominal pain, sudden and violent cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, regurgitation, gastric hyperactivity, abdominal distension, poor appetite, and intestinal gas*
2. Treat gastroenteritis, bacterial or viral*
3. Treat motion sickness, hangover, and the effects of jet lag*
4. Difficulty absorbing food*


Chinese Therapeutic Effects*

Disperses wind and dampness*
Resolves spleen dampness and regulates the stomach*
Resolves phlegm*


Formula Rationale*

Quiet Digestion is based on a successful patent formula (Pill Curing) and Bo He Wan, for gastrointestinal distress, including indigestion and stomach flu. Angelica (bai zhi) and chrysanthemum (ju hua) expel wind, stop headaches, and relieve body aches. Mentha (bo he), pueraria (ge gen), and trichosanthes root (tian hua fen), Coix (yi yi ren), and poria (fu ling)supplement the spleen and eliminate dampness. Vladimiria souliei (mu xiang), magnolia (hou po), red citrus (ju hong), and pogostemon (huo xiang) regulate stomach qi, relieves nausea and vomiting, and dry dampness. Shen qu and oryza (gu ya) strengthen the spleen, regulate digestion, and disperse food mass. Halloysite (chi shi zhi) warms the central burner and stops diarrhea. Quiet Digestion comes in a convenient pill form, providing a larger number of dosages in each bottle than are available in similar versions manufactured in China.*


Clinical Notes*

1. Quiet Digestion was developed to produce quicker results than formulas manufactured in China. It is also free of allergens and additives*
2. Excellent formula for indigestion and many other gastrointestinal problems. It is rich in enzymatic activity*
3. Quiet Digestion should be included in home medicine cabinets and first-aid kits for travel*
4. Safe for children*
5. May be useful for food allergies*


Additional Formulas*

• Use Phellostatin for a complete colon cleansing program*
• Use Stomach Tabs for chronic digestive disturbances with cold signs*
• Use Chzyme in place of Quiet Digestion for western digestive enzymes*



Quiet Digestion 90/270 caps | Health Concerns

Ingredients: Poria (Fu Ling), Coix (Yi Yi Ren), Shen Chu (Shen Qu), Magnolia (Hou Po), Angelica (Bai Zhi), Pueraria (Ge Gen), Red Atracylodes (Cang Zhu), Saussurea (Mu Xiong), Pogostemon (Huo Xiang), Oryza (Gu Ya), Trichosanthes root (Tian Hua Fen), Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua), Halloysite (Chi Shi Zhi), Citrus (Ju Hong), Mentha (Bo He), Malt


Internal: 2 capsules between meals; or 1 to 2 capsules before and/or after meals to help food absorb. In acute conditions take every two hours.
90 capsules, 750 mg, 15 day supply
270 capsules, 750 mg, 45 day supply


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