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Quantum Cell | EarthCalm

The Quantum Cell is the most powerful cell phone radiation protection on the market today.*

Cell phones are the biggest direct threat to human health on the market today.  They can also be one of the greatest benefits.  You have a virtual encyclopedia at your fingertips. But at the same time, your brain is being attacked by a potential threat and can rob you of your ability to think at all. *

You and your loved ones deserve the benefits of  your cell phones—but without the dangers.*

We have been improving our circuitry over the course of 30 years to keep up to date on the constantly increasing load of microwave radiation emitted by smart phones*

new research study by Glen Rein PhD of Quantum Biology Research tested the effects of cell phone radiation on human DNA, both with and without the Quantum Cell attached to the phone...indicating a complete and statistically significant reversal of the harmful effect of the cell phone*

Concerned by what you’ve been hearing about cell phone radiation? Worried that you and your children are harming your brains by using your cell phones? EarthCalm has the solution: the Quantum Cell.*

Cell Phone EMF Protection*
More powerful than any other cell phone emf shield or cell phone radiation blocker on the market, the Quantum Cell offers superior protection, because it grounds your nervous system into the earth’s electromagnetic field.*

EarthCalm Technology*
The Quantum Cell uses Scalar Resonance Technology, which consists of multiple sets of circuits that mirror the structure of the earth’s electromagnetic field.  EarthCalm creates a precise matching of circuits to activate scalar resonance. These circuits amplify your ground in the earth with all the consequent health benefits that come from the restoration of our biocircuits to their original timing and healing functions.*

Being grounded into the earth’s electromagetic field is especially important if you use your phone in combination with a Bluetooth, headset or hands-free car device, all of which amplify the hazardous radiation field.*

 Cell Phone Radiation Safety*
When the Quantum Cell is affixed to your cell phone, you have optimal cell phone radiation protection, whether your cell phone is turned on or off. Most people are unaware that a cell phone constantly puts out a field of hazardous microwave radiation, even when it is turned off.  With EarthCalm proprietary circuits attached to your cell phone, your phone will work continuously to provide you with a field of EMF protection. You will feel relaxed, more alert, and confident about your safety, even on those long calls.*

Our Quantum Cell is the “Mercedes” of cell phone radiation protection products. Aren’t you worth having the model that will give you complete peace of mind?*

“I can feel that the radiation from my phone is actually transformed into beneficial energy which surrounds me like a cocoon.”
Olivia W, RN, TX*


Other Uses for the Quantum Cell
Cordless Phones: Research is now showing that cordless phones are no less hazardous than cell phones due to the danger of microwave radiation they emit constantly into your home. The Quantum Cell can be affixed to the main base of your cordless phone(s) and cover all handsets. 

Baby Monitors: Baby monitors also emit dangerous radiation, especially important, since babies have nervous systems that are much more vulnerable than adults. Both baby and people in the room with the receiving monitor will receive protection.

Ipads, Kindles, Wireless Games: Attach a Quantum Cell to all devices that access the internet and receive protection from the radiation they emit.

Car Batteries: Radiation is present in your car, especially if you have an electric car. Simply affix a Quantum Cell to your chassis to receive the benefits of protection.

Specifications: Measures 1″ x 1-3/4″ x 1 mm high. 

With the Quantum Cell, you can relax, knowing that your cell phone radiation safety concerns have been addressed.


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