Promising Clinical Outcomes Using the Byron White Formulas

Two Survey Results:  Promising Clinical Outcomes  Using the Byron White Formulas

During the past year, many practitioners have reported success with Lyme patients using the Byron White Formulas™ A-L Complex™, A-BAB™, and A-BART™. Two independent surveys of patient results conducted by Richard Horowitz MD and Ann Corson MD have quantified some of those findings. 
In a survey of 100 patients, Dr. Horowitz reported that about 2/3 of the people had improved using the Byron White Formulas™.

\"The Byron White protocol worked very well for many people, but when it didn\'t, the problem was that the dosage was too strong and the patients had severe Herxheimer reactions.\" Dr. Horowitz explained. \"Overall, I found that it\'s very important to start slowly with lower dosing and only increase the drops as tolerated by each individual.\" 

In general, it\'s recommended that patients start by taking 1 drop of their formula 2 times per day in a small glass of filtered water. For extremely sensitive patients or those with heavy microbial loads and toxins, it may be prudent to begin with an even lower dosage by putting one drop in a glass of water and drinking only 1/3 per day for 3 days before titrating up. Practitioners using resonance or energetic testing can test individual dosing and frequency of the dose on a patient by patient basis.

Dr. Corson\'s study tracked 134 patients and presented 114 known clinical outcomes. Her survey showed that 68% of her patients (77 people) had moderate to substantial improvement using the Byron White Formulas.

These surveys show promising results for Lyme patients who integrate the Byron White Formulas™ into their health care regimens.

In addition, Lyme physicians and practitioners are using the Byron White Formulas™ in several different ways: formulas only; diagnostically as a challenge; prior to bringing in antibiotics; along with antibiotics; and at the end of antibiotic therapy