ProgonB-L 4x 10ml

ProgonB-L 4x 10ml

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ProgonB-L 4x 10ml | Bezwecken

Bezwecken is excited to announce a new product to its portfolio! ProgonB-L 4x. It is identical to ProgonB-L™ however it is 4 times the strength so the dosage of drops is much lower.*

The oil blend has also been reformulated to provide a more pleasant dosing.

  • Typical dose: 2-5 drops 2 times daily.*
  • Per 10 drops: 40 mg of Progesterone.*
  • 4mg of Progesterone Per drop.*

Natural progesterone helps many women to experience a greater degree of relaxation and well being. Unlike synthetic progesterone, the natural progesterone of ProgonB-L 4X is the identical to that produced by the female body making ProgonB-L 4X an excellent alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

ProgonB-L 4X by Bezwecken provides effective help for:

  • premenstrual syndrome such as anxiety, irritability, mood swings, swollen breasts, fuzzy thinking, depression, food cravings and low libido;
  • perimenopause or menopause symptoms such as low sex drive/loss of libido
  • diminished bone density.

ProgonB-L 4X by Bezwecken provides a standardized dose of natural progesterone to support proper hormone balance. The oil blend has been reformulated in the 4X to provide a more pleasant dosing

Hormone Testing*
As when taking any hormones, Dr. Forrest recommends testing for actual hormone need.*

Are you taking too much estrogens, too much progesterone? Is your DHEA hormone in balance? What about your testosterone levels? Are they too high or too low? How are your adrenal glands functioning? Is cortisol in balance? Taking these products is safe. But, in the long run you need to be aware of your hormonal needs and balances in order to gain the best results.*

Hormones are important part of good health. They work best when they are in balance with each other. For this reason Dr. Forrest recommends Saliva testing, female and male hormonal testing done right in your home. Saliva testing is an inexpensive, accurate, easy to perform, accurate way to determine almost all your hormonal levels.*

You can easily save hundreds of dollars over conventional blood or urine testing. A test kit is sent to your home. You do the test and then mail it off to the lab. It's that simple. When results are received, Dr. Forrest can schedule a consultation with you to review the tests results (consults are charged by time.)*

Not Certain What To Do Next?*
If you are uncertain as to which products or programs to use or which tests to take; or, if you would like additional help:

Contact us with a brief question.*
Arrange a phone consultation with Dr. Forrest.*
Call ( 408) 354-4262*

ProgonB-L 4x 10ml | Bezwecken

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, USP Progesterone and Vitamin E.
Per 10 drops: 40 mg of Progesterone


Directions: SHAKE WELL, then apply 2 to 5 drops, repeat procedure twice daily or according to your healthcare practitioner

Per 10 drops: 40 mg of Progesterone 

Typical dose: 2-5 drops 2 times daily.

If previously you had taken 8 PhyoB - now 8 drops in divided doses.


Can be used:

  • Swallowed - mild taste.
  • Put in capsules and swallowed
  • On the skin
  • On the vagina
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