Pollen~Weeds 1oz

Pollen~Weeds 1oz

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Pollen~Weeds 1oz | Newton Homeopathic Remedies

Formulated for associated symptoms of Spring and early Summer pollens such as nasal catarrh, post-nasal drip, sneezing, glandular swellings and pharyngitis.*

According to the Materia Medica the following remedies in Pollen~Weeds may be administered for the following conditions: *
Adrenalinum:  Vocal cords inflamed; Laryngeal catarrh, profuse secretion from the pharyngeal glands of whitish gelatinous mucus which was difficult to loosen.*
Alfalfa: Law of similars; Stuffed feeling in Eustachian tube at night, clear in morning.*
Allersodes:  Law of similars.*
Allium cepa:  Hay fever and coryza with acrid discharges and laryngeal symptoms; Allergies; Laryngitis.*
Antimonium tartaricum:  Great rattling of mucus but very little is expectorated; Violent fluent coryza with frequent sneezing, ulcerated nostrils.*
Arsenicum album:  Air-passages constricted from allergies; Hay-asthma; Wheezing breathing.*
Baptisia tinctoria: Tonsils of soft pallet dark red and swollen; Indescribable, sick feeling all over; Craves air.*
Berberis vulgaris: Catarrh whitish, yellowish or greenish mucus, especially in the morning; Short dry cough with stitches in chest.*
Bryonia:  Dry, hacking, painful coughs; Liver disorders; Cough with sneezing.*
Chelidonium majus: Liver remedy; Headaches; Mucus in eyes.*
Dioscorea villosa:  Lachrymation, hot tears, smarting, wants to keep lids closed; Ear pain worse from blowing nose or coughing.*
Euphrasia officinalis:  Conjunctivitis; Allergies; It affects the mucous membranes of eyes, nose and chest, producing acute catarrh with free, acrid, watery secretions.*
Gelsemium sempervirens:  Catarrhal deafness; Streaming of water from nose; Fever.*
Ginkgo biloba: Laryngitis; Pharyngitis; Laryngeal irritation with cough.*
Histaminum hydrochloricum:  Allergic reactions; All symptoms of the skin and mucous membranes in allergic types.*
Hydrastis canadensis:  Profuse secretion of tears; Post-nasal catarrh; Burning and rawness of sinuses and nasal passages.*
Juniperus virginiana:  Law of similars.*
Kali bichromicum:  Sinusitis; Post-nasal catarrh; Violent tickling in ears; Throat sore.*
Kali iodatum: Glandular swellings; Expectoration like soap suds, green; Stitching pains through lungs to back; larynx feels raw.*
Lachesis mutus:  Inflammation of tissues; Sensation of suffocation and strangulation on lying down; Sore throat when swallowing liquids.*
Lycopodium clavatum: Swelling and suppuration of tonsils; Chronic coryza, blows nose often; Tickling cough.*
Populus candicans:  Law of similars; Throat and nostrils burn; Burning irritation in eyes, nose, mouth, throat, and air passages.*
Pulsatilla:  Inflammation of throat; Sinusitis and allergies.*
Sabadilla:  Obstruction of nostrils, alternately; Much tough phlegm in throat; Coryza, fluent.*
Taraxacum officinale: Burning and stinging pain in eyes; Sore throat with pressive pain, as from internal swelling.*
Thyroidinum:  Persistent frontal headache, heaviness over eyes; Rhinitis with sneezing and edema of the nasal mucous membranes; Pain in the sinuses.*
Trifolium pratense:  Sore throat with hoarseness; Spasmodic cough; Coryza like that which precedes hay fever, thin mucus with much irritation.*
Ustilago maidis: Rhinitis; Tonsillitis.*
Xerophyllum asphodeloides:  Nose stuffed; Tightness at bridge of nose, acute nasal catarrh; Eyes feel sore, burn*

Pollen~Weeds 1oz | Newton Homeopathic Remedies

PRO Poison Ivy 1oz
(Formerly Poison Ivy #39)

Homeopathic Remedy

Formulated for symptoms associated with poison ivy, oak and sumac such as itching, burning, pain, swellinga nd blistering.

Directions: ORAL USE ONLY· SHAKE WELL. Ages 12 and up, take 6 drops orally (ages 0 to 11, give 3 drops) as needed or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Active Ingredients: Xerophyllum asphodeloides 30x, Aconitum nap. 15x, Anacardium occidentale 15x, Apis mel. 15x, Bryonia 15x, Cantharis 15x, Croton 15x, Graphites 15x, Grindelia 15x, Mezereum 15x, Nux vom. 15x, Ranunc. bulb. 15x, Rhus toxicodendron 15x, Sarsaparilla 15x, Sulphur 15x, Echinacea 3x, Rumex crisp. 3x, Taraxacum 3x, Urtica ur. 3x. Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane dispensing alcohol 20%.

Warning: Do not use if tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Consult a licensed healthcare professional if pregnant, nursing or if symptoms worsen or persist for more than a few days. Keep out of reach of children.

Dispensed by healthcare professionals only. Not for over-the-counter sale.

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